Can't have any relationship that is not peaceful

Published On: 2015-11-14

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Source: TOI
By: Renuka Vyavahare

Hot magazine covers, films, ad shoots... we ask Hrithik Roshan if he is aware of how good-looking he is. Amused, he candidly admits that he is aware of how good he `can' look. His candour is refreshing and holds true for various aspects of his life. A far cry from his Greek God screen avatar, he dons various hats -that of a doting father, a versatile actor and a positive thinker, who lives in the moment. We meet him in his plush sea-facing Juhu pad, where he talks about Kaabil, his clash with Shah Rukh Khan, his kids and his equation with ex-wife Sussanne Khan...

After 17 years in the industry, do you still get nervous ahead of your film's release?

Yes I do. I am always nervous until I see the first copy of my film. After that, I am at peace. The only thing I look forward to is, if my feelings resonate with the audience or not. If not, I recalibrate my judgement.

You played a paraplegic in Guzaarish. Now, you are playing a visually challenged character in Kaabil. Are these roles physically and emotionally draining?

I want films that will extract more than I think is available inside me. An actor's job is supposed to be physically and emo tionally draining, especially if you are doing a film that is speaking about emotions that revolve around great loss, pain or courage. I love doing films that test you, stimulate your mind and build its own world around you.

Mohenjo Daro clashed with Rustom and now Kaabil and Raees are releasing on the same day. In Bollywood, a clash is perceived as an acid test of an actor's star power....

From the outside, it might seem like there's this clash of two actors and their films. I don't look at it that way . I am only focussing on my film and what I can do for it. I know for a fact that no one can change my destiny . If it's not my best time, then maybe it's the time for me to keep learning and growing.

And if it is my time to celebrate, then no one can take that away from me.

Two big films vying for the audience's attention at the box office. Does that put additional pressure on you?

If Kaabil had a solo release, I would be a lot more relieved, but somewhere because of the clash, there is also an extra bit of excitement and curiosity . I am not someone who regrets or repents the present. This is how it is and I am going to make the best of it.

You assisted your father in Karan Arjun starring Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. Two decades later, your film is clashing with Shah Rukh's. Are there any mixed feelings, since you have also worked with him as an actor before?

In one way , I should be proud of myself that I have been able to get this far. On the other hand, I feel very humbled that people are considering me even worthy of clashing with Shah Rukh because he is one of our greatest stars and I am not a patch on him. Apart from that, we have to be professional and graceful about this. There is no reason that anything will dampen or come in the way of my relationship with my friends.

A famous director once said, `When It comes to actors, the more successful they are, the more insecure they get.' True?

I know that success can make one insecure because you start getting attached to the crown or to the pedestal that they put you on, but it's not true for me. I don't stand on that pedestal. I am aware that if I take myself too seriously , my fall will be even more painful, so I keep myself grounded. We are as good or as great as the work we do.

You are known to be a perfectionist. So, does that lead to bigger disappointment when some films don't do well and your efforts don't pay off, as it happened with Mohenjo Daro?

I have never been disappointed by the result of any of my films because I already know how good or bad it is once I see the first copy.What is important is to know that I learn from my results, especially when I am wrong. That's the only way you can grow. Mistakes are important.

There's a stock of new talent in Bollywood. As a superstar, do you feel the heat of the rising competition?

The `superstar' tag is very lovingly bestowed upon me and I respect it, but I see myself as just an actor.Competition exists in my mind only when I see somebody doing great work. It stirs something inside me and pushes me to excel. I get very inspired by Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and Tiger Shroff.

Are your kids aware of your stardom?

Yes, but they are surprised when they read things like `world's sexi est ', `third most sexiest man', etc.

They are like, `Really?' When I see their photographs in newspapers, I very enthusiastically show it to them, but they take one look and that's it. They like films, mostly English, and I need to get them to watch Hindi films more now.

Last year was extremely tumultuous for you, professionally and personally. What kept you going?

I have enjoyed every aspect of any problem that has occurred in my life because I am good at analysing, understanding and reorganising things. I look at problems as an opportunity to learn and discover life a little more. My favourite quote is, `Judge the size of a person by the size of the problem it takes to bring him down.'

Sussanne was with you on your birthday (January 10). What's the equation between the two of you today?

We are loving parents for our kids.

We are friends and my equation with her is very peaceful. I can't have any relationship in my life that's not peaceful. I make sure that in every relationship that I have, be it friends or whoever, there is a mutual scope to grow. I need to add something to the lives of my friends and they need to add something to mine. As long as that is maintained, it will always be a healthy relation ship.

Does the thought of remarriage cross your mind?

No, I am not thinking about it at all.

I am happy . I feel so fulfilled. I don't feel the need, but you don't know what the future holds. For now, I am very content.

How difficult was it to play a visually challenged person in Kaabil and not fall prey to the stereo types?

Apart from Sparsh, Hindi films have not been too responsible where visually challenged charac ters are concerned, which is why I hope that I have been able to do jus tice in a commercial format.

There's a conditioned mindset that needs to break, and even I wasn't aware of what they are capable of. It was a revelation to me that they play cricket. We need to know more about the visually challenged to depict them more honestly .

Salman wished both you and SRK for your films. Twinkle Khanna had wished you during Mohenjo Daro, though it clashed with her hus band's film Rustom. Is Bollywood as close-knit as it comes across?

You should take things at face value. If someone says `I love you', believe it. Don't assume that it's all a show. I am not like that. I take things at face value, so I don't bur den myself. I think it's a great ges ture by Salman. It also makes for a great example for others to follow and spread that kind of love. Why question it?

You debuted 17 years ago and became an overnight sensation. How has the journey been?

I don't look back. I look forward.

Those were great times, even ignorant ones because I didn't know much about life. Today I see a stronger, courageous world and I love what I am today . I prefer this to who I was or what Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai had done for me.