I am sentimental about people, not things!

Published On: 2015-12-22

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I am sentimental about people, not things!

Source: DNA
Date: Sep 17, 2017

Hrithik Roshan opens up on his flirtation with timepieces

Hrithik Roshan recently launched a new collection of watches for a brand he endorses. Ahead of the event, he spoke to us about his love for timepieces, his most expensive buy and shares why he’s more sentimental about people...

Your association with Rado has been a long standing one...
(Cuts in) Oh yes, it has been one of the healthiest ones that has been mutually beneficial. It’s six years so far and I’m happy being a brand ambassador for a product that I actually enjoy wearing. That becomes a determining factor in making my decisions to endorse anything that I do. The brand and I go back a long way. My dad used to wear Rado watches when I was a kid. I used to see them, and he had a big thick wrist, so the watch looked really good on him. I always wanted a similar watch. That’s a sweet story I associate with the brand.

Do you have a collection?
My father had a collection of classic Rado watches. I found success quite soon in my career and they wanted me to come on board as the ambassador. So it has worked out for me pretty well. Now, I have a huge collection, thanks to being the brand ambassador. (Laughs) I enjoy each and every one of them.

At what age did you get your first watch?
It may have been a Swatch! That was just out of college, I guess.

Do you like watches as an accessory?
Yes, I do. But I’m again not particular about wearing a certain watch. Now, I actually enjoy wearing a watch with my suit. Whenever there are appearances or events, I enjoy wearing any from the collections.

How many watches do you own?
That’s really simple to count. All I have to do is count the number of events I have done for the brand. (Laughs) I have around 12 of them now.

Are you sentimental about any?
No, I am not sentimental about things. I’m sentimental about people!

Which is the most expensive watch you own?
Honestly, I don’t think I would ever splurge on a watch. Like I said, I get these watches because of my association with the brand and they are affordable and reasonably priced.

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve splurged on then?
It would be my car, the Rolls Royce!