Winning hearts - the Hrithik way

Published On: 2012-07-31

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Winning hearts - the Hrithik way


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It’s a blessing to see your life changing even one life, bringing a smile, a moment of hope in one life. But look at what the young Hrithik Roshan has been blessed with, a blessing very few young men like him are blessed with. His story till now is a lesson for all young men and women of today and tomorrow. 

Hrithik was born with the proverbial golden spoon but he stepped out to become someone different. He started as an assistant slogging it out like any other assistant and even working harder, setting an example and learning the world in the process. I have seen him working and his father getting him to work because he knew only hard work was the answer, the right key to the future. 

Hrithik got his break as an actor only when his father was doubly sure that he could make it and what a way Hrithik has proved it with Kaho Na Pyaar Hai and the recent resounding success of Koi Mil Gaya. Hrithik was the heart throb of millions with his first film. He worked hard in all the films that followed but they failed to work wonders for him. Hrithik however didn’t stop working hard and work harder every time one of his films failed. Till his father made Koi Mil Gaya and look at what the attitude of the father and the son towards work has led them too! Hard work, sincerity, dedication and devotion are words that work like prayers for the father and son. They have worked wonders for them and their success proves and will always prove that prayers like their prayers can only lead to success. Prayers like their prayers are the only key to success. It would do a lot of good to young men and women hoping for a better future if they learned the prayers prayed by this father and son team who are now here to shine for a long long time. They are armed with prayers that can only win, win in every way, win all the way, win their way. 




That Amazing Aliens


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He is just out of this world. He is magic. He is unbelievable. He is a modern day miracle. What more can I say even though I can say so much, so much, really? He is not the same Hrithik Roshan who had created a handsome hail storm (yes, some hail storms can be handsome too) with his father’s film, Kaho Na.. Pyar Hai. His transformation is almost like the transcreation, the rebirth of an actor. What Hrithik has done in his father, Rakesh Roshan’s film, Koi...Mil Gaya is something very very few actors have been able to do in their life time. His performance in the film is the pure result of an actor’s passion to work wonders, work wonders which will be remembered for ages. What Hrithik has done in Koi...Mil Gaya is something which happens once in many many millenniums (no exaggeration, by God) I salute the actor in Hrithik and my hats off to his father for achieving the impossible. You, the Roshans, have crossed all my expectations which were quite high and have done me and all lovers of Indian cinema proud. You have proved to be aliens in our world which was growing drab and dreary with boredom in the name of entertainment. Welcome, you aliens to our world and keep working greater wonders because that is just what we all will expect from aliens like you now onwards, nothing ordinary will do.