I don't complain of anything

Published On: 2016-01-02

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'I don't complain of anything'

Source: Deccan Chronicle
By: Anupama Ramakrishnan
Date: Nov 29 2017

Of course he is an icon and the epithet fits him to a T, but there are no walls around. The balletic grace is recognisable from those performances on screen. Actor Hrithik Roshan speaks thoughtfully, the retorts precise and quotable, at times philosophical. There is much more than the 'Greek God' sobriquet but less of the celebrity halo around him. The actor, who was in Bengaluru recently to launch the new HyperChrome Collection of Rado, chatted with Anupama Ramakrishnan on what is it is to be Hrithik Roshan.

'Kaabil' has received rave reviews. What is 'Kaabil' to you?
'Kaabil' has been my most beautiful experience. It is incomparable to anything else that I have done so far, a truly magical experience for me. If you ask me why, I don't know. It could be because of the basic passion that I derived out of the script or perhaps that it was a small team that came together and wrapped up the film in 70 days, which by way is the fastest film that I have churned out in my life.

Coming to contemporary films in Bollywood, is the spotlight more on the effects now than the actor's calibre?
It's futile to try and assess that. There is no way you can. You know where your passions lie, you try and explore that in the film that you are working in. I think what is most important is the content of the film. If the script literally makes you cry, makes you hair stand on end, makes you laugh, that is when you know it's worth it.

You are playing a mathematician in the biopic 'Super 30', based on Patna-based Ananth Kumar. The question is how good were you in Math in school?
I wasn't good. I wasn't bad. Come to think of it, I wasn't super good in Math or any subject for that matter. I was above average though. But I am super curious about Math. Everything in the planet, be it science or any kind of theory, has its basis in Math. It is in every single aspect of our lives.
Why did you choose to go for 'Super 30'?
The story - it has a wonderful story.

You have also done endorsements. How has your journey with Rado been?
It's been six years since I have been associated with Rado now. I have increased my watch collection in the process. You know, I wasn't always a watch enthusiast but I did have aspirations. My father used to wear this brand and I had a hidden desire to be like him. It was when I got associated with the brand that I discovered my fascination for watches.
Your dedication to fitness is legendary. Hard work, would you say?
Yes, very hard work. But it's a work that I enjoy doing, where I discover new skills. I enjoy being functional, being innovative with my physicality. I also keep looking out for what new can be achieved.
Is there anything you wish to tell youngsters who would like to step in to your shoes, dancing-wise?
Just keep dancing because it is transcendental. Getting lost in dance is an experience every single person should have. When I say dancing, I do not mean good dancing, I mean letting your body move, and exploring
where your body goes according to the music.
Tell us the secret of your flexibility? Does lot of practice go into it?
Every day. I stretch twice day. I spend 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night. Don't know whether you have to do it, but I have to do it. Maybe my body is not as strong as other people's but I have to do what I
have to do. If that inspires you, you should do it as well. I work very hard for it.
How tough has your journey been?
It is supposed to be tough. You are supposed to get hammered and moulded and allow the stimulus to shape into what you want to become, theoretically speaking. I have been hammered really really well (laughs).
By your dad?
By all my gurus who I have worked with. I allow them to contribute to my life, to teach me. If the journey wasn't difficult, I would not have been sitting here. I would have been so bored.
What is the best thing about being an actor, and the worst?
Nothing. It really depends on the filter through which you want to look at the things that you have to do. Attitude is what makes the difference between an adventure and ordeal. At times, I also had to change my filter. If I am looking at something and complaining, I simply got to change my filter.
So paparazzi don't bother you?
Whom to complain to? What is the point? I don't complain of anything.

Any role you desire to adorn?
No predetermined characters. I just let the universe bring me the things I desire.