The Filmfare Power List

Published On: 2012-08-01

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The Filmfare Power List



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5-Rakesh Roshan- Family First

That Rakesh and Hrithik Roshan come one after the other in this list is the result of how the numbers crunched., but it has its significance.- father and son have forged a partnership that has produced 2 of the biggest successes in recent times. But then, nothing less is expected from this filmmaker, who has to his name four of Hindi cinema’s biggest blockbusters (with and without his son). Few directors have retained their edge or exhibited such variety over such a long stretch. Which is why the buzz around the sequel to Koi Mil Gaya has started even before his camera has begun to roll. 

He’s going all out with this one- the stakes are high, expectations higher. The always pleasant but never effusive film-maker will not give away much at this stage: he knows all about getting the timing right.

Hrithik Roshan- Dad’s the spirit

I cannot bring myself to accept mediocrity anymore he declared with his trademark earnestness. Surprise- nobody scoffed. Not even when Hrithik Roshan sat out all of 2004 waiting for the right offer. Only dad’s got the nod so far for 2005. But Hrithik’s uncompromising stand has clearly paid off- he’s shot up 3 ranks over last year and is not being bracketed with three big khans. For good reason- his only performance Lakshya not only lived up to post- KMG expectations but demonstrated a new hunger that adds the edge to painstaking talent. His pickiness and perfectionism lead some to muse, is he going the Aamir Khan way? If you go by the current length of his hair, yes. For the rest, Hrithik is on a career path of his own making.


The top actors

Most actors don’t find it easy to say no- to bug banners, to money, to friends. Hrithik Roshan, ever-polite though he has no such problems. The flip side is that once he green lights a project, he disappears from the public eye, gets into character and stays there. Anybody who signs him on has the advantage of his undivided and undiluted focus. He’ll make it worth theirs too. Though Lakshya was a loosing box office proposition, it took him a couple of notches higher as an actor.


Top directors

3- Rakesh Roshan- Script for success

The director with the piercing gaze is a man not known to was time, money or words. His economy and efficiency are a byword in this business as is his uncanny ability to infuse novelty into the formula film. While originality may not be the strong point of most of his stories, his scripts score because they are so well adapted to the Indian audience. Besides, his versatility ensures that no 2 of his movies are similar and each one is guaranteed to throw up some surprises. He has switched genres all through his career and, from reports tickling in; the sequel of KMG will be yet another example of that successful strategy.


Top Producers

3-Rakesh Roshan-Family First

With producer, director, music composer and lead actor all drawn from the family. Rakesh Roshan’s Filmkraft Productions is one of the smoothest-running production houses in the businesses. With 2 super hits in the family kitty, finances are not a problem either. Though Rakesh Roshan is known to be a no-frills producer with his stars, he can be lavish with anyone else when it comes to the technical aspects of his films-he is said to be spending RS 8 crore on the action sequences alone for his next film, for instance. The sequel of KMG will also be made on his biggest budget every. Its boom time for Filmkraft.