Cracking the numbers game

Published On: 2016-01-04

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Cracking the numbers game

Source: Hindu
Date: December 4, 2017
By: Harshini Vakkalanka

Hrithik Roshan says his life panned out the way it was supposed to

Actor Hrithik Roshan says fitness is his access point to happiness. “I am at my happiest and my best when I feel fit. I want to be agile in order to do things that I want to do, I want to use my body to discover new skills, sometimes in the way my children do,” says the actor, who was in Bengaluru recently to launch Rado’s latest HyperChrome collection of watches.

The actor, who earlier launched a workout regimen as part of his HRX brand (which also offers active lifestyle and casual wear apparel through the online portal Myntra), finds fitness to be a portal out of the mundane, with all its problems. “If you just allow your body to open its pores and let the toxins out, you will find yourself feeling so much lighter every single day. It’s a meditative process, which is why fitness means happiness for me. It is about being the best version of myself. My goal in life is to find out about my ultimate potential as a human being. If we are not doing that, we’re wasting time,” says the actor, who doesn’t believe that it is necessary to go to a gym to work out.

“It’s not necessary to work out for an hour every day. Sometimes when I don’t have time, 15 minutes of workout is all I do. But I make sure I do it. Fitness can also be a cure for negative influences and substance abuse.”

Hrithik’s next project Super 30, a biopic on the Indian mathematician Anand Kumar, is currently underway.

This is his latest project after the 2017 hit, Kaabil. “It’s a good story, it’s a good script and I am both excited and nervous about it. That’s all I can say about the film right now. My career in films has been great, but it’s also been tough, backbreaking, knee-breaking and shoulder-breaking. I need to apologise to all my joints for putting them through all this.

At the same time, it’s been the way it’s supposed to have been. I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he says.

“If I describe my journey with films, I really will be describing life as it is supposed to be. We all have the same stories; it just depends on how we deal with it. My way was about never succumbing to anything and learning out of every single moment. That has made my life a journey instead of an ordeal.”

And how does he manage to remain in the creative space as an actor, amidst all the media attention? “If you are connecting with the world from a space of ego, then it’s going to be horrific. But if you are not focusing on yourself, then it becomes a joy because you can truly connect with another human being. Then it becomes easy,” he says.