What Hrithik loves and hates about airports

Published On: 2016-01-13

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What Hrithik Roshan loves and hates about airports

Source: Conde Nast Traveller
Date: Feb 19, 2018
By: Sushant Kumar

We catch up with the actor in New Delhi to learn about his travels

We’ll let out a secret: if you ever dreamt of running into Hrithik Roshan at an airport, chances are you’d see him at a watch store. The watch nerd was last spotted at New Delhi’s IGI Terminal 3 to launch RADO’s new outpost—its first monobrand store inside an airport. We used this opportunity to understand the star’s travel personality, and the things that make him tick.

What’s your favourite airport in the world to shop at?
I would pick one of the airports in India. Until about six years ago, the experience of shopping at an airport was non-existent in our lives, but I’m happy that I can now do that here in Delhi or Mumbai—both are fantastic.

While travelling, what do you look forward to in an airport—food, rest & lounging or shopping?
It would be a combination of all.

What’s the best last-minute gift you picked up from an airport?
Incidentally, the only shopping I’ve done has been a gift from the airport, and it has been watches for my entire staff. Once, I spontaneously decided that we all need to wear some good watches.

What’s that one airport restaurant you love?
The Wagamama at London Heathrow.

Is stardom a curse or boon when travelling through an airport?
It’s definitely a boon, (pauses), actually it’s neither. It’s a consequence of passionate work. And from there, it is your perspective. If you’re in the movies and have a bit of fame, like I do, and get surrounded by people asking you for a moment of yours— it’s your perspective that determines your mood. I look at it as a blessing, but if you don’t have the right perspective, it can become harassing.

What’s your least favourite thing about airports?
The 101st selfie that I have to take.

What’s the most remote place shooting for a movie has taken you?
There’s no place as such that’s remote anymore, but the furthest I’d say I’ve gone is Rio, since it required me to travel for two days.

What’s that one place you desperately want to go but never have been?
The list is long, but the next place I want to visit is Japan.

How do you keep your kids happy on long-haul flights?
By being stimulated myself. If I am in my best state then it automatically infiltrates their space, uplifts them and keeps them inspired as well.

What’s your watch routine like? Do you travel with a number of watches for different occasions?
My watch routine is quite simple. I pick one from my RADO watch collection and I’m set.

Your top pick?
The RADO HyperChrome.