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Published On: 2016-02-06

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BREAKING: Krrish 4 postponed; here’s when this Hrithik Roshan starrer will go on floors

Source: Hungama
Date: Aug 10, 2018
By: Fenil Seta

The Krrish franchise is one of the biggest of Bollywood and also of Hindi cinema. Interestingly, this superhero franchise began in 2003 with Koi Mil Gaya, as a story of a mentally retarded person who gets powers from an alien. Director Rakesh Roshan then switched tracks, albeit seamlessly, with Krrish in 2006. That is when the superhero bit was added to the franchise and it went to another level. Impressed with the success, the makers decided to then make Krrish 3 in 2013, and it turned out to be a bigger success. It also tremendously benefited its lead actor Hrithik Roshan and it helped a lot in making him a superstar.

The fans were happy when it was announced earlier this year that Krrish 4 indeed is in the offing and that it’ll release on Christmas 2020. Speaking exclusively to Bollywood Hungama, Rakesh Roshan however said that the film might be postponed. He said, “I am still working on the script. The process got delayed and I’ll announce the release plans later.” He added that the film would go on floors in 2019. He stated, “After Hrithik Roshan completes the film with Yash Raj Films (co-starring Tiger Shroff), he’ll shoot for this film sometime next year.” The beauty of all the films of Krrish series were that they were extremely kid-friendly and were also wholesome family entertainers. Rakesh Roshan assured that Krrish 4 would also be on the same lines. He assured, “Not just kids, but people of every age group will enjoy the film!” All the films of the series have cost a lot but that hasn’t deterred Rakesh Roshan to think big and give something different for the viewers. But he knows his limits too. He said, “I spent a lot, especially on the spaceship and the VFX in Koi Mil Gaya and also in the later films of the series. But I didn’t really think a lot about recovery. But if I feel something is unaffordable, I don’t put it in the first place. Even with Krrish 4, I remove those scenes which I feel would make my film go over budget, at the script level itself. If I try to cut costs, then the VFX might be tacky.” So involved is Rakesh Roshan going to be with Krrish 4 that he won’t make be producing any other film until the movie is completely ready. He’s expected to soon make an announcement about the release plans and other actors in the cast.