I don't connect with the word regret: Hrithik

Published On: 2016-04-09

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‘I don’t connect with the word regret’: Hrithik Roshan goes candid on his bond with sons, future projects and 20 years of 'trial and error'

Source: Jagran
Date: 29 Oct, 2020

Hrithik spoke at his candid best about his film career of over 20 years, his upcoming projects and his bond with his two sons Hrehaan and Hridaan.

Abhinav Gupta: Can you guess the name of the actor who is never tired of of hearing compliments equating him with Greek godliness and superhero capers? Yes, you guessed it right, it’s no one else than Hrithik Roshan.

In a heartfelt interview with English Jagran’s Abhinav Gupta, Hrithik spoke at his candid best about his film career of over 20 years, his upcoming projects and his bond with his two sons Hrehaan and Hridaan. He revealed how he is an emotional father, a hopeful lover and the one who believes in ‘trial and error’ as an actor.

Hrithik also spoke about his recent collaboration with American men’s wear brand Arrow for their new campaign ‘On Top of the World’ as the company looks to expand and launch 25 new stores across the country.

Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Q. It’s been over a year since your last film Super 30. When can the fans expect the next entertainer? Please tell us about the upcoming projects. Also, you have spoken about Hollywood offers in the past. Anything happening on that front?

A. Yes, it’s been a year to my last film release, WAR. This year has brought unexpected delays for all of us. I have enjoyed taking it slow where work is concerned. Been reading scripts, writing as well. And it has fructified into some very interesting ideas and projects. And I aim to connect with my audience and bring to them content that is wholesome. So the year has been productive for me and you can expect to hear from my producers soon. As for international projects, I rather strive to take my projects to a global audience. It is more of taking Indian cinema overseas, with collaborations. So when we lock on a script that translates in uniting cross cultural viewers, I would be happy to push my potential.

Q. Many believe that you should be doing more action films. What do you look for in a script?

A. I don't bracket films as action or otherwise. To me as an actor, the film should speak to the viewers, engage them. If the message is getting communicated by drama, dance, action or romance is secondary. That brings me to the second part of your question. I look at the script as an audience first, if it evokes emotions in me, then I believe that it will work. Then I love characters that push me as an actor, fuels me. Having said that, nothing beats an intelligent script.

Q. Are there any decisions in your film career that you regret?

A. I never connect with the word 'regret'. In my personal and professional life, I have always undertaken what I believe in. It has been 20 years of trial and error as an actor, both aspects reward me with learnings. And that to me has always been a positive development.

Q. The pandemic and lockdown have taken a toll on the mental health of almost everyone. How did you cope with this?

A. I have been a seeker all my life. And what I seek starts perhaps with self awareness. And this is something I have had quite a bit of practice with past many years. I am fascinated by the art of fulfilling ones needs, independent of other people and independent of the environment. Having control over your attitude despite the external situations is a skill that I just love developing. It requires knowledge, awareness, courage, self esteem and of course - everyday practice . I guess this helped me adapt to the current situation and gave me an opportunity to better myself in every way. I see all challenges as opportunities to grow better.

Q. You have been playing the perfect father to Hrehaan and Hridaan. Ever felt that work has refrained you from spending enough time with them?

Firstly, there is no perfect father, mother, or human for that matter. The aim is not to teach, cause if you are teaching then you are a know it all, and nobody knows it all. I think what the kids need to see is that life is a process and a journey of curiosity, discovery and everyday practice. They will learn this automatically if we as parents are doing that everyday. And while doing those things, to be 100% authentic. And that is not easy.

Authentic is to say it like it is but be open to have a dialogue. And allow others to be authentic to you. So if my kids don’t like the omelette I spent 20 mins making, I want them to be authentic and tell me they didn’t like it instead of pleasing dad or else he might feel bad. Teaching a child to please the parents is a sign of weakness in the parent. We have to teach kids to be authentic and teach strength by reacting to their authenticity objectively so that you can have a dialogue and actually realize what kind of an omelette they would love. It’s simple. That’s all a parent needs to do. Having said that , being a parent can be totally confusing sometimes. Sometimes I wonder how much to leave them alone, how much to guide. It’s always an effort to maintain that balance . And even that’s ok I guess.