Hrithik Roshan - Traffic Jam!

Published On: 2012-08-12

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Hrithik Roshan - Traffic Jam!

Source: Stardust International, 2004

Typed by: Vanita

Date: 14th June 2005

Since traffic is one of the most common woes of Mumbai roads, when our stars travel across the city, there is invariably plenty of action at the signals when their sleek road machines, smoked glasses not withstanding, draw to a halt. And everyone knows that signals are a plum spot for Pandu hawaldars to harass travelers in their vehicles, especially motorcyclists who have not the protection of a covered vehicle. At one such signal in this traffic laden city, superhero Hrithik Roshan saw a couple of traffic policemen harassing a couple of motorcyclists. Whether it was the vanity, or the kindness of this gentle heart that prompted him to do it, (we would rather believe it was the latter), he was upset by what he saw. And in order to remedy the situation, he quickly dashed through and broke the signal, in order to attract the attention of the policemen, as well as distract them from the motorcyclists. Obviously, the pandus, seeing this swank vehicle cruising through, promptly dropped the small fry and ran after the big fish. It's another story that when Hrithik, who had no intention of running away, rolled down his windows, there was an audible gasp from the pandus at the sight of their 'culprit'. They couldn't possible book the nations heartthrob on a traffic misdemeanor could they? And don't forget that Hrithik's looks and popularity could easily be the cause of a traffic jam. So they waived him through and by the time, the two harassed wheelers had made good their escape as well. Samaritans like Hrithik we need, so what if civic authorities don't consider him their ideal candidate for a role model!