I walked for five hours in the rain-Hrithik

Published On: 2012-08-15

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First person account-Hrithik Roshan

Source: Mid Day

I walked for five hours in the rain

Hrithik Roshan

It took me about 15 minutes to decide that I had to walk home all alone in the rain on Tuesday. When my car reached the flyover that
takes a turn to join the Western Express Highway, I thought it was a traffic jam. When I realized it wasn't, I knew there was only one
option: to walk.

I left my belongings in the car. From where I stood, all I could see was the entire highway was submerged and above the water were heads
and car tops. There were 30 to 40 people walking with me, shouting slogans that were really inspiring. I felt no fear.

The one thing I found quite sad was that we are so conditioned not to trust strangers. I saw a young girl who looked scared, not
because of the rains, but because of the people around her. I went up to her, gave her my umbrella and told her that she need not fear;
the people around her were there to help. That calmed her down.

It was the experience of a lifetime. That day everyone was a hero. I really salute the spirit of Mumbai. I was more than safe on that day
and the entire city was with me. And after all the things I witnessed personally as I walked home, I really want to do something
to make our city better. And safer.