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Published On: 2012-08-17

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Stardust Interviews Hrithik

Source: Stardust, July (2005)

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His infectious laughter vibrates in the air and you know at once that the three-month long, first outdoors of the film in Manali must have made them friends.

On the set, the atmosphere really is working at the maximum level of precision that can be achieved with hundreds of junior artists. Rakesh Roshan looks as cool as the Swiss Alps. The set is a replica of a circus with juggler, clowns and even metallic globe all worked out to the finest detail. And of course there were the Duggu trademark kids, who would be perhaps the first to throng the theaters after the film's release, considering the magical chemistry the hero shows with his pre-teen fans.

The prequel 'Koi Mil…Gaya' was the first time Hrithik changed his get up. His Greek nose and aquamarine eyes took a back seat and the flat hair-do called for all the attention. "I realized the importance of people identifying with your different look for each different film," he had told me in the past; an observation that worked well for him I assume, as I see him in his spanking new look for 'Krrish'. The hair, which has made it to, the headline has grown longer since then. "It was bound to grow, wasn't it?" he says nonchalantly, putting aside the new trend of lambe baal that is prevalent in men.

The Japanese fight conveners are all over the place. They are all supposed to be martial arts experts. And Hrithik looks as if he needs some tranquilizers to rest the nerves. "Fight sequences are maximum stress. I know I have to get every move right, the point being that I have never really done this kind of action before, so that puts extra pressure." I notice that his perfect V-shaped body has been beefed down. The muscles, I suppose have been toned down in keeping with the character, and the lean Hrithik has given way to a well-filed body type.

Selective to the point of obsession, I rib him about being another Aamir Khan. "No," he says evasively. "But I am finding it tough to adjust to the idea that I'm doing three films now. There is 'Krrish', 'Dhoom-II' and 'Jodha Akbar' by Ashutosh Gowariker. Suddenly it is a lot of work for me. But I am terribly excited, they are all different kinds of films."

'Jodha-Akbar' coming from Gowariker's stable after the inspiring 'Lagaan' and the realistic 'Swades', seems to be bit of a gamble, "It is my first historical," Hrithik updates me, and I can well imagine him in the perfect costumes against the perfect Sheesh Mahal set. This, considering that Gowariker is said to have approached him for 'Lagaan' before he signed up Aamir Khan. "The heroine of the film has not been finalized," he volunteers, leaving my minds eye wanting. (Note: Aishwarya Rai has been finalized for the role of Jodha )

His kitty might be saturated, but two of the three films he looks forward to are sequels, and the third, a historical. The level of risk is pretty high. From where I look at it, it seems like a bungee jump. There is every chance that he will bounce back, but what if the safety strap snaps. "I am very convinced about every film I am lending my name to. There is a high level of excitement to get into the skin of the character I am going to be playing. I ensure whatever I can from my side."

Hrithik's level of commitment is debatably the highest in the industry. It is believed that Sanjay Gadhvi, the director of 'Dhoom II', is planning an entry for the superstar on a skateboard. Hrithik has apparently told the director that he would not need duplicates and that he would practice on the skateboard till he achieved the fineness of a pro. So, post this schedule of 'Krrish', Roshan Jr. is going to be taking time off to skate around. So don't be surprised if you see a Greek God swishing past you in the next galli.

As I leave the studios, I heard Priyanka's laughter ringing in the air. Must say Hrithik is complete entertainment, on and off screen!