A star on the horizon - Hrithik Interview

Published On: 2012-12-23

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A star on the horizon


Source: Bollyvista.com


Hrithik Roshan is not just another newcomer or maybe not just another blue-eyed star son. Rakesh Roshan's boy is indeed a star on the horizon. Whether the film makes it at the turnstiles or no, Hrithik certainly will be noticed more than the others in 2000, despite the onslaught of the Smaller B, Abhishek. Remember, you read it here first. As 'Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai' storms the marquee, the frail teenager from Sydenham college turned robust hunk, is a bundle of excitement. Excerpts from an interview:

How was it working with your father?

It was a great experience. Since I had assisted dad before at work, I was comfortable. I had seen dad work earlier with various actors. I could see him view a scene from various angles. I have often watched and wondered how he goes about his work. I have also seen the preparation that goes into a shot from both the actor's and the director's perspective. Father dealt with me like any other new person in the movies. The father-son relationship never took over on the sets. At times, I had a feeling that Amisha Patel, the heroine was given better treatment than me (laughs). No offence meant.

And Ameesha

She is a very nice person to work with. One has to understand that the lead pair - and basically everyone on the sets - have to be comfortable with each other if you have to come up with a good end product. The film wouldn't have been possible if we were not as comfortable with each other as we now are. We were told by everyone on the sets and we felt ourselves that we made quite a confident pair.

How's the film?

I guess Kaho Na Pyar Hai is dad's best film till date. This is the first time that he is directing a love story. The film is very fresh and looks as if it has been made by a person who is very young at heart.

How have you generally regarded your dad as?

My relationship with my father is quite austere. I would not call it a casual relationship at all. It was more of a serious one with relation to work. Even otherwise we don't behave like buddies, hugging and playing with each other. We don't sit and laugh about serious matters. I am generally in awe of him and his capacity to make films makes me wonder. I was working as his assistant and watching him work, I felt like an ant in front of him.


How conscious were you, when you were acting in front of your father?

Frankly, if I had tried and done several strange and weird things in an attempt to please my father, I would have gone wrong. It is quite important that I understand the character and get absorbed in it. Only that could help me free myself from the bond from my father, till the time I was giving my shot. That was the game plan and I guess I have been successful in that.


There are constant comparisons between you and the other star son launched this year, Abhishek Bachchan..

You cannot stop people from talking. They do have a lot of expectations. But I guess that shouldn't stop you from being what you are. Trying to prove yourself to the rest of the world is rubbish. You should be what you are and enjoy it too. But anyway, all of us have to go out of our way to prove ourselves because we are star sons. If a non star son has ten flops, not many people would notice, but we are under tremendous pressure to deliver. But then, having the previous experience of seeing how movies happen has made me better.


How happy are you with yourself as an actor? Do you think you have left some loopholes, which could have been better filled?

I never regret what I have done, though I feel everyone improves with time. But I am very happy with the way I have been presented. The film is more of a story about the girl, but I do not regret that. I know for a fact that my father makes good films and I am happy to be a part of it. I must however admit that I was shocked after my father narrated the script to me and told me that I was the hero of the film. I realised that I was not brandishing swords or anything like that. Anyway, I am more than happy that I have got Kaho Na Pyar Hai as my launch pad.


Did you ever want to be in films earlier?

Let me be honest. Watching dad work in the industry, I knew that I always wanted to be in the movies. Subconsciously, all through the entire five-year stretch when I was assisting my father, I knew that I would be an actor some day.


How long do you see yourself as an actor in Bollywood?

A long time, I guess. One tends to develop the determination and the attitude to be in films over a period of time. Once you get a feel of the industry, you know that this is the place you have always wanted to be in. Everyone who comes to the film industry comes with his bag of dreams. He would like to see all of them fulfilled. His talent and determination, coupled with luck, will take him across. I know that I will be here for a long time.


Do you see yourself as a director one day, since you have imbibed five years of film making knowledge from your father?

Let us look at it this way. If a man is a good actor, it does not necessarily imply that he can make good films too. As an actor, you put in certain things from your creative thoughts into the scene, if your director is good enough to give you leeway. If I am looking at the same shot from the director's point of view, I do not think I would be happy with it, because I would have to look at several things. I have to look at good music, dances, visualisation, art direction and all that. Unless you are a very balanced person, it will be difficult. As a director, I know that I would have to make people feel comfortable in working with each other. Looks like a huge task na? That's why I am just concentrating on my acting now. I have just begun my career as an actor and I would not like to even dream about direction at the moment. I know that an actor's job is restricted to acting. A director can make or mar a film.


What happened when you saw the first rushes of yourself acting?

I am an egoist or whatever. I guess when anyone looks at a group photograph carrying his own picture, he tends to search and watch out for himself first. I am no exception. I love to watch myself on the screen. It was only after I had watched the film over a dozen times that I started looking at others, including Amisha (laughs). At the same time, I would consciously think: what am I doing standing in the corner in that scene (laughs again).

What are the other projects you have in hand?

Vidhu Vinod Chopra's Mission Kashmir. Vikram Bhatt's film also starring Amisha and Rahul Rawail's next film are the ones that I have signed apart from a few other signed and unsigned projects.