Hrithik Interview 2000

Published On: 2013-01-01

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Hrithik Interview 2000


Hrithik means 'purity of the soul' and one thing is sure that his soul is yet to be corrupted by the glitter and the gloss of the Film industry. The current heartthrob is very un-starry and unassuming chap, lovingly known as 'Duggu'. A 'Human Star', who inspite of giving sleepless nights to current stars is scared of the expectations and the spotlights. The tragedy that struck him in the form of the attack on his father made him realise that success has a price and the fortitude and aplomb that he has shown in facing it has won him countless admirers . And ofcourse he is a stunner but the best thing is that he unaffected by it.

Well he was shooting at versova for 'Mission Kashmir', and believe me he didn't did make us wait for the interview in the normal starry fashion. So Duggu, here's wishing you whole lot of success.

So how does it feel to be a star?

I don't know, frankly I still don't feel like a star. Right now I am feeling awkward, I am feeling embarrassed. People are after me suddenly, they are screaming when they see me, it is very awkward for me because this was not what I expected, this was not what I thought would happen. I was expecting passing marks in my first film and I think, I got more than I deserved.

Dad's magic worked out and the film is a big hit. Basically for me it is like a dream come true but it is also co-existing with a nightmare because of the attack on my father and somehow, somewhere I know the film success has been an encouraging factor for the disaster to happen. Because had the film been a flop no one would have bothered and left him alone, some people got jealous because of his success. So it's very odd for me. I don't know what to feel. I am going through two extreme emotions at the same time, whether I should be enjoying myself or cursing my fate. Hence, this 'Star' thing hasn't affected me one bit.


How do you manage to keep a level head with people going crazy about you, how do you maintain your sanity?

I try not to get affected by it at all, I basically take it as a compliment that the whole crowd is shouting, screaming and screeching because I'm there. Even if one person out of that crowd were to meet me and say that ' I loved your work, you did an excellent job' that's what I would love, but when it gets in form of a crowd it becomes shreiks because they cannot reach out to you in words. I'm under no misconception that I have become a god or something, because I have been a part of that crowd at some point of my life. I have lived and seen stars in front and behind the camera. So that's a part of life and it doesn't affect me. I know it is nothing much but a compliment.


Did you at any time feel that 'Kaho Na Pyar Hai' will be such a massive hit..?

Not even in my wildest imagination. I didn't expect this at all, I thought I would reach here in about two- three years hopefully if I worked hard. But now it is scaring me because now people will be expecting a lot more from me. I hope I have taken the right steps but you never know.


As an artist were you satisfied with your performance in 'Kaho Na Pyar Hai' ?

I'll give myself Four out of Ten, i.e. passing marks. I look back and given a chance I'll do everything much better. But I console myself that at that moment at that particular time, I gave it my best shot. And that's what I did and that's what has worked.


Do you think that your looks are more hyped than your performance.?

That's something, which you look up to as a challenge. I can look forward to people telling me that you are a damn good actor in my forthcoming films. But that has not happened up-till now and people have been complimenting me on my histrionics.


You have a major fan following in the 'Opposite Sex'.

I was recently in Lucknow and Kanpur, the theaters were full of men and they were the one who were cheering me through out so I will disagree with you over there.. a little bit.


Farah Khan has said that you are a 'Dance Director's Dream'

No I'm not, I am just an average but a hardworking dancer. I'm not a great dancer at all. You leave me alone at a disc, I'll be very confused as to what step to do and when. It's just that I work very hard at my steps.


Is Acting inherent or can someone be trained in the art?

The talent is essential, the art can be learned. You need to have an Actors intelligence and then you can be trained. You can't teach acting but you can train Actors. You have to already be an actor to be trained and get better at the art. You have to have the actor's perspective and the consciousness of an actor, about the how the medium of the camera captures emotions. You have to have the sensibility of the actor, if you don't, then I don't think you can be taught.


What according to you is the most challenging aspect of Acting?

Looking Good, that's the most challenging task. The rest comes eventually. If you are honest, as a person and to the character you are playing. And if you are honest than you can't go wrong. What shakes me up, is when I have to just look good i.e. when there is a glamorous shot, the Hero turns or the Hero walks because there's nothing you can do, there is nothing to hold on to, no emotions, no dialogues. You just have to look good and believe me that's tough for me. And I get scared about that.


You have assisted your Father for five years, how was the experience behind and before the camera?

Well, those five years taught me a lot of things. I got used to the environment of the studios, the Camera's and the Light's. I have traveled by second class trains for five years, stayed in the cheapest and lousiest of places, slept on grass at times, eaten rotten food, bathed with ground water, I have been through hell but that has taught me a lot. Especially to respect each and every person behind the camera, and their efforts that go behind making a film. Right now, while I'm acting, I don't really need an A.C. room, I'm mostly on the sets even when my shot isn't there, seeing how the lighting is done for the next shot or maybe the Director needs me for some discussion on the script. I just keep rehearsing on and on, there's no need for me to relax in the van. And secondly it has taught me to understand the medium better, watching the actors perform in front of the camera and then seeing his performance on screen, one learns a lot as to what's good and what's looks bad. The best part was that I got to observe the best of the actors up close, in personal. I got to watch actors like Anil Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Rekha performing, so I have learnt by watching the best, hence I better had been good at what I did.


How does it feel to work with outside directors vis a vis your father?

Its great as I am working with honest people, and that is what matters and as Dad is an honest film maker, there's not much of a difference. So the basic point is to work with honest filmmakers and that's what I am doing.

How much Music is your veins, since your grandfather Roshan and uncle Rajesh Roshan are eminent Music Directors.?

Music is life to me, I have grown up on music. It has the power to move. I don't know what is more important to me music or acting. My soul thrives for music all the time. I don't know what gives me more satisfaction.


Do you plan to sing for movies at some point of time.?

I have tried singing, I can't be a professional singer but I enjoy singing. It is way for me to let my hair down and chill or relax. But I don't know, maybe if it is needed by the script but I wont push it.

Do you feel burdened by the amount of expectations from you?

Oof! Right now it is very scary, as everybody will be expecting more than what I did in Kaho Na Pyar Hai and I have quite unconventional roles in my forth coming films like in Fiza, I'm playing a fourteen year old kid, I'm not the hero. In fact I'm Karishma's brother in the film. It will be big change but I am not sure if the audience will approve of it.


How about 'Mission Kashmir'?

'Mission Kashmir' is something I'm looking forward to. It's gonna be a great film, I think it is going to be Mr. Chopra's best film. He is back to his forte, making what he is best at, that is thrillers. The film will blow people's mind. It will be unparalleled, the kind of work that is going on is unbelievable. And I think it is going to be my second release.


Are you overworked right now, considering the amount of projects you have?

No way, I'm not going to get overworked. There is lot of work but I am not overdoing it. I am supposed to do a lot more work than I'm doing right now. But I am not doing it because I need time for me to focus and rehearse and to concentrate a lot more on my characters.


How much importance do you give to characterizations of the roles.

There is no end to the importance of characterizations, that is what is acting is all about. Who ever is an honest actor will always work hard on his characters. It all depends on how honest and dedicated you are.


And your forth coming projects?

I am working with Subhash Ghai in 'Yaadein', there's a film with Karan Johar with Amitabh and Shahrukh, there's 'Mission Kashmir' and of course 'Fiza'. There's also a film with Arjun Sablok starring Esha Deol.

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