Dreamer to Bollywood Success

Published On: 2013-01-09

Author: Lisa Bhinde

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Dreamer to Bollywood Success : The Hrithik Roshan Story



By: Lisa Bhinde



Determination and dedication to achieving dreams definitely pay off, and Hrithik Roshan is one to realize the depths of the rewards. 


Hrithik is currently one of Bollywood's most successful newcomers and a world-recognized heartthrob. Born on January 10, 1974, to father Rajesh Roshan, a well-known actor/producer/director, he had the acting gene in his blood. Growing up admiring his father, Hrithik knew from an early age that he wanted to act, but didn't quite realize the hardships of making it in the film industry until he reached his early 20s. It was then that Hrithik decided he had to "do it all" and prepare himself thoroughly before he would face the camera. He enrolled in dancing and speaking classes and focused on developing the image of a "hero," adapting an "all or nothing" attitude.


January of 2000, Hrithik was able to fulfill his dream to become an actor as he starred in his first film, Kaho Na Pyar Hai. His casting for this particular film developed in his interesting way. Back in those days, Hrithik was working as an assistant to his father and as they were working on the film, he was sure that some big star such as Shah Rukh Khan would be cast as the hero. Much to his surprise, his dad wanted him instead, agreeing with Hrithik's view that this film was intended for a newcomer. Ecstatic about the opportunity, Hrithik threw his all into the role and prepared for four solid months to make sure he was comfortable with the journey he was about to embark upon. In the end, shy little Hrithik who had a dream was able to overcome and mental barriers, break out of his shell, and deliver an outstanding performance. The magnitude of the reaction the film received was shocking and Hrithik became an overnight success. All over the world, news spread about the newest scion in the film industry with intense eyes and a disarming smile.


After the overwhelming success of his first movie, Hrithik was left in a state of euphoria, but also dreaded the release of future films. An actor's toughest challenge once he's made a mark for himself is living up to the standards. In the world where popularity and public opinion conquer all, the worst hit is to be known as a one-hit wonder and then just disappear. Luckily Hrithik has the talent and will to overcome the obstacles. Since his first, he has starred in a number of more movies including Mission Kashmir, Na Tum Jaano Na Hum, and Mujhse Dosti Karoge.


Along with being a success on the screen, Hrithik has achieved for himself the best of both brains and brawn. While school was not something that necessarily agreed with him when it came to grades, Hrithik proved his worth when it came to the exams. Acing the board exams, he went on to graduate from Sydenham College in Mumbai with a degree in commerce. He also pays close attention to his physical appearance, being sure to watch his diet and keep a steady habit of exercising, so as to maintain his physique.


There is also a softer side to this star. He always believed he was incapable of love until he met his first girlfriend, Suzanne Khan. After courting her for six years, she became Hrithik's first and last girlfriend, only to take her place as his wife in December 2002. It seems he got to live out a perfect movie plot w/ his beloved. His sense of love shows understanding and maturity. As he put it so eloquently, "The secret of true everlasting love is the balance of separation and togetherness." Hrithik is not afraid to show his sensitive side, even admitting to shedding some tears while watching Titanic.


Though realizing his dreams has brought Hrithik more fame than he could ever have imagined, he's kept his head on his shoulders about letting the success get to his head. Before making his debut, Hrithik spent five years working as an assistant to his father, and it was through that experience that he learned to take it all in stride. He learned how to treat people, to make sure that everyone on and off camera knew that they were important, and that was a lesson he hasn't allowed himself to forget.


The adventure is still becoming reality for this 28-year old Capricorn, but he has achieved nothing short of success so far. It might be a rough life to live, but it is one he has strived to achieve and he plans to enjoy the fame and fortune before his time passes and he too, goes down in history like the rest. Despite all the fanfare, however, Hrithik's most important priority is not to miss out on time with his family, and this is why he chooses to live his life, even if it means turning down projects, with the mindset "he can only remain profitable as long as he takes care of himself too".