Hrithik's Romp In Thailand!

Published On: 2012-08-19

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Hrithik's Romp In Thailand

Magazine Issue: Movie Mag, January 2004

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That glowing change in Sachin Tendulkar's personality after his return to form in Australia this Jan, made him suddenly feel so human. Gone was the blaze stiffness that was his baggage during dizzy success; in its place was this wonderful ecstatic man who was so thrilled to be back to batting like a maestro. That trip to Satan's den and back turned the celebrity cricketer into a vulnerable, normal man who could exult without inhibition.

Something like that happened to our very own HRITHIK ROSHAN. 2004 couldn't have taken off in a better way for the actor who put his bad spell behind him and took off with Sussanne (note the spelling, that's how its spelt in her passport) for a spell of bliss to the Maldives.

"At the four seasons in Maldives, they treat you like a king. If you don't behave like one, they actually look hurt and wonder, "But how can you? You're the king!" Hrithik mirthfully recounts. With just wife, the bluest of seas, snorkeling and swimming in his 'kingdom', Hrithik then flew to Thailand.

That's where he and Sussanne met up with Shahrukh- Gauri, Karan Johar, Uday, Aditya and Payal Chopra to bring in the New Year on the beaches of Kohsamui.

On New Year's Eve the beach was full of revelers, food and music when our Bollywood badhshahs put on Hindi film music and Shahrukh and Hrithik took turns dancing wildly on a rock and made the entire beach rock with them.

"It was unbelievable!" exclaims Hrithik, refreshed and rejuvenated after topping it off with a shopping spree in Singapore. "It was just the ideal holiday. Lately I'd been feeling like I had a dog snapping at my heels when I was here. On this holiday, I lost the dog. It has stopped following me around!"

Back to the sprawling, new three-floor apartment house, Hrithik seriously listened to dad Rakesh who had advised him to sign and have on the floors a new film before Lakshya, the only Hrithik-starrer in the making, is released mid-04.

And he is trying to heed Shahrukh's New Year tip to him- to loosen up, enjoy his performances and take public acceptance in his totality without overly worrying about every step and twitch.

Imagine, it was camaraderie that was cooking in Kohsamui in Thailand on New Year's Eve while out here; juries were tearing their hair over the Shah Rukh v/s Hrithik dilemma to decide the Best Actor Trophy!