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Published On: 2013-04-03

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Source: Eastern Eye Live

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A TIDAL wave of films starring Amitabh Bachchan sweeping across the globe this summer is an illustration that the greatest film star to ever walk the planet hasn’t lost any of his immense pulling power.



By lighting up the summer months in a string of major blockbusters, the shining symbol of the Indian film industry will be carrying the hopes of Bollywood on his shoulders. The sudden rush of films is also a sign that Bachchan (pictured) has lost none of his passion, despite being at the top for over 30 years. Instead of looking back to his glory days, Bachchan feels this is a great time to be an actor because the industry is tackling more diverse genres and writing roles for all types of heroes.


“Yes, I believe this is the best time to be an actor in India because the industry is filled with new technologies, fresh ideas and a whole bunch of youngsters at the helm of affairs.


“Having this is very attractive for any kind of creativity. That is why I feel we are entering a good and exciting phase in Indian cinema," explains Bachchan enthusiastically.


Today, he has agreed to meet Eastern Eye in the grand ballroom of the plush Hyatt hotel in Singapore, where he is headlining the International Indian Film Awards. As always Bachchan is immaculately turned out in designer clothes. He talks with regal authority and even his most ordinary words come across as something a lot more substantial. It also becomes clear immediately that he has a genuine love for Indian cinema.


Throughout his career he has used this adoration for Indian cinema to spearhead a campaign to take the medium global and to deliver a wide body of work. He is continuing his personal crusade and this summer alone will see Bachchan starring in five big budget movies. He reveals that he is able to keep up with his schedule because he has an efficient manager and disagrees that he is the most in demand actor. “I feel people saying that I am the top hero is erroneous. I am not at the top of the wish list of all filmmakers, I wish I that was,” says the Big B humbly.


“I do not choose film projects, the different projects choose me. I am just thankful that there are a few quality productions that require an actor of my age. I am able to do so many of these films because I am a playing character roles that don’t require as much time as the lead heroes. I am just doing my best to repay the faith filmmaker have and to deliver good work.”


The pick of the summer film releases starring Bachchan is the army drama Lakshya. The second film from the team who delivered the critically acclaimed film Dil Chahta Hai costars Hrithik Roshan and Preity Zinta. Clearly charged about the project, Bachchan feels the team behind Lakshya represent the new generation of filmmakers. 


“I rate the new generation of filmmakers in India extremely highly. I think the team behind Lakshya represents the future. They are young, dynamic, very aggressive and extremely confident of making a mark, not just within the country but in the outside world as well. They have innovative and fresh ideas and want to be free from the shackles of what has gone on in the past. They are the most professional crew that I have ever worked with and I have been delighted to be in their company,” says Bachchan.


More than an conventional war film Lakshya is a drama centering around a young man, played by Hrithik Roshan finding himself after he joins the army.

“The character in Lakshya that I play was very real and without any frills. He was almost my real age and that is what was attractive for me,” he continues. “He is in charge of a group of soldiers who have an important mission to accomplish. Apart from the responsibilities that come in the wake of this, there is also the task of keeping these young soldiers motivated and valorous – as true Indian army soldiers should be.”


According to Bachchan, apart from the central story line, the greatest thing going in favor of the film is that it is realistic and made with the latest technology. He also compliments the directorial skills of Farhan Akhtar and the professional nature of the whole set up. That is why the entire project has given him a great deal of joy and he is looking forward to its release later this month.


“The greatest satisfaction comes from working on a script written by Javed saab because he is someone with whom I have shared some of the best moments in my creative career. It has also given me the greatest of satisfaction of working with a very dedicated team, led by Farhan. It has given me the satisfaction of being a part of a technically proficient set-up and finally it has given me the satisfaction of perhaps being the eldest member of this team and the joy that comes with being in the company of young and enthusiastic artists."


Instead of taking all the limelight, Bachchan thinks that the real hero of Lakshya is Hrithik Roshan. He is highly complimentary about the young star and is very confident that he will go on to be a legend.


‘He already is a big megastar. Hrithik Roshan is an exemplary artist who has many credible facets to his personality, both as an actor and as a human being. I can only rate him at the highest number. In Lakshya, Hrithik has been placed in situations that will give him an opportunity to project himself differently in various parts of the film. I have not seen the entire film, but the portions that I have worked in with him have been extremely rewarding.”

Apart from keeping up with the young guns blasting their way on screen and behind the scenes, the greatest challenge that Bachchan faced during the making of this film was shooting the very high altitudes.


“Ladakh is a difficult terrain. It has problems of height, lack of oxygen and perhaps is devoid of the most modern facilities. Obviously therefore, there were problems. But thanks to a good production organization and all possible measures of convenience that were provided to us, our schedules in Ladakh went without a blemish,” he says.


A tight shooting schedule means that Bachchan is unable to pursue any interests away from cinema. If time permits, Bachchan admits that one day he would love to learn a new language or perhaps learn to play some musical instruments.


“Everyday is a new day, throwing new challenges. I hope that I am able to face them with dignity and fortitude,” he says. Bachchan is adamant that he will never direct a film and admits he will continue to act as long as the good quality roles keep coming his way. He is proud of the direction Indian cinema is taking and feels that it will enter a golden phase in the coming years because of the impressive new talent.


"The future is extremely bright for Hindi cinema. It has from the day of its inception only moved in a forward direction. That is how it will be in the years to come.”


Seen by everyone as the perfect actor, star and person Eastern Eye finishes the interview by asking Bachchan what he would change about himself. He thinks and then smiles, “I would not like to change an opinion that is endorsed by everyone.”