Preity Zinta talks about Lakshya

Published On: 2013-04-19

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Preity talks on Lakshya



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Despite her tough talk, there is an air of vulnerability about Preity Zinta. Professionally, she is on a high. Being a part of two of the biggest hits of recent time, Koi Mil Gaya and Kal Ho Naa Ho, has put her ahead of the rest of the heroines. The hot buzz is that she is in Karan Johar’s directorial venture and Rakesh Roshan’s next. When questioned she mumbles “ask my directors” but doesn’t deny it.

Bytes from the Zinta gal who plays a TV journalist in Farhan Akhtar’s Lakshya:



It’s said that you play NDTV’s Barkha Dutt in the film?

No, I am not Barkha Dutt in the film. People started making comparisons with her probably because she was the only woman television journalist on the war line. I am Romila Dutta, coming from an affluent, educated family. Romila is a girl of today who knows what she wants in life. For the role I read every possible book on war, spoke to a lot of journalists and relied a lot on my own instincts. Reading all those books made me understand the mindset of a journalist much better and I came to respect them more.



You have been playing glamour dolls in most of your films. Was this different?

It better be. I have worked very hard to get a certain non-glam look for the film. I kick-butt in this film and I was proud to do that. I wanted to show that in journalism and war integrity exists vanity doesn’t. I didn’t want Romila to end up as a fashion victim. I had no make-up except kaajal, my complexion was given a darker colouring. At the end of it all I might get flak for my look but I don’t care. I loved doing what I did.



What made you say yes to Lakshya?

Firstly, because I come from an army background. Then I liked the fact that the story dealt with the subject of war from a young perspective. India is a young country and I am sure the youth will feel what I did when I heard the script. It was a very different, stark compared to Kal Ho Naa Ho but there was an honesty that shown through that I loved. And there was also the fact that I would be working with Farhan and Hrithik again.



Was Farhan Akhtar a demanding director to work with?

No, he’s very easy to work with and very original in his approach. Whatever discussions we had were prior to the shooting. Once the film starts we work in perfect coordination. Farhan is brilliant and has his own distinctive stamp. But he’s young and has to learn lots of things. Everyone has their own way of reacting to certain situations. We had our high and low points. I never had a fight with Farhan. It was with Ritesh (Sidhwani) that I once had an argument but these things happen. I think the whole thing got too negative for Farhan. We did have lots of fun also.