One On One : Hrithik Roshan

Published On: 2013-08-29

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Working With Vinod (Chopra) Is An Experience Which Will Always Remain Close To My Heart : Hrithik Roshan


Hrithik Roshan is the hottest property of Bollywood currently. His two releases so far have been super duper hits. On the threshold of his third film, we nailed the good looking hero for a tete-a –tete. And he spoke honestly and from the heart. Looking forward to his third release with other major heroes like Jackie Shroff and Sanjay Dutt, Hrithik is amazingly humble about his contribution to the hype of Mission Kashmir’. Unbelievable? Well, that’s this new sensation for you!!

Your third film… How are you feeling?

“Excited, anxious, nervous, like I am going to feel at the release of every single film that I work in. Right now it’s `Mission Kashmir’, we’ve all worked very hard and we’ve all had a super time doing it all. So we’re all praying that the kind of labour we’ve put in as an entire crew, doesn’t go unnoticed or unrewarded.

You don’t feel your role in `Mission Kashmir’, is a throwback of Aman in `Fiza’?

“Not in the least. If I had any reservations about that, I personally would’ve opted out of either one of these subjects They were after all offered to me at around the same time. I am not the kind of actor who would be greedy to want both and try and do justice to both. I would rather act in one film and totally commit myself to the character I’m playing in it.

What has the experience been like with Vidhu?

“Phenomenal! Even before we began filming, Vidhu and myself would sit and discuss what I was doing in the film. He would give his inputs and I would give him mine. We got comfortable with each other and what I especially liked about him, is how open he was with suggestions from his actors’ side. If it went with the character and the scene, he would incorporate it. Vidhu as a director, doesn’t mistake a suggestion as interference on the part of the actor. He values your opinion, and that in turn, makes you want to do your best. Truly, working with him is an experience which will always remain close to my heart.


Were there any incidents that you’ve never forgotten?

“Yes, we were shooting in Kashmir last year and suddenly Vidhu asked his unit to clear the area. In fact, he called for pack up and especially asked Vinod Pradhan, or ‘god’ as we call him, to hurry up with the shot. There were the sound of crackers going on around us. Vinod asked him what it was and he said that the locals were celebrating ‘Dassera’. We finished our work and were leaving, when we realised that there was no Dassera in Kashmir. They were firing and bombing and we were so greatful for Vidhu not alarming or panicking us in any way.


How has it been working with Preity?

“A real joy. She is a live wire and so full of fun. Yes, there was this romantic song being picturised on us playing with snow. And just before we did our first take, I noticed how amused Preity seemed to be. Anyway, I thought she was approaching her scene in that manner and thought nothing more of it. Action was called and she shoved this huge ball of real snow down my pathani. I was taken by surprise and she was hysterical. But that’s Preity…


You like doing your own stunts?

Yes, I do and it’s exciting. I know that a lot of people say it’s dangerous and that I owe it to a lot of other producers, not to be injured. But I just love doing them. I’m trying to change.


Working with Sanjay and Jackie…What did you feel?

I have always looked up to both these actors… And it was awesome for a newcomer like me, to be sharing scenes with stalwarts like Jackie and Sanjay. They are also two of the loveliest human beings I’ve known. At the risk of sounding like a star struck fan, it’s really been wonderful working with them and the entire unit of Mission Kashmir.