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Published On: 2013-08-30

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"I am being targeted" cries out honeymoon-returned Hrithik. Bollywood and soon-to-be Hollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan has returned home from his honeymoon straight into the eye of a storm. Following allegations that he has made anti-Nepal statement to a television channel, the Nepal government has asked him to apologise. If that wasn't enough, student protestors attacked a theatre that was screening Hrithik-starrer Mission Kashmir and two students were killed when the police fired at the mob. This was followed by the banning of Hrithik films in Nepal thus bringing a lot of tension to the people in the film trade in both India and Nepal alike. This ban will hit both industries badly as besides the fact that the tiny Nepali film industry depends on the Indian film industry to supply its dose of entertainment, besides the theatres resulting in loss of revenues, the cable operators have also blocked off all Indian channels.


An interview with Hrithik who is just back from his honeymoon, clarifying that he never made an anti-Nepal statement.



Why is it that you made an anti-Nepal statement?

Frankly, the question is wrong. I never made an anti-Nepal statement.



Then, why are you silent?

I am not silent. In fact, I am just back from my honeymoon, straight into this baseless controversy. I am being targeted for a statement that I was never a party to.



Did you have any bad experiences with the Nepalese?

No. In fact, my childhood guardian Bhootraj Negi who has been with my family for the last 30 years is a Nepali. He has been a part of my joys and sorrows from childhood. He has brought me up. And Prem Singh Negi is my buddy. He has been in my house since my birth and is most close to me. Both are part of my family as much as I am. How can I hate the Nepalese when two of them are so close to me? Also, I am very close to the cinematographer of Mission Kashmir and he also happens to hail from Nepal.



Are you aware of the clashes in Nepal resulting from your alleged statements?

Yes. And it has upset me a lot. I watched the Star News and found out that when a mob attacked a theatre screening Mission Kashmir, a police firing ensued and in the process, a young boy and a girl were killed. Why are people suffering for something that never happened?



Is it possible that you have been misquoted?

There is no question of misquotes as there was no quote about Nepal in the first place. Frankly, I have given exactly six interviews in my career. The first was when I was very upset -- it was when my father was shot at. The second was for Good Morning India on Star Plus. I never mentioned Nepal in this one too. The third was about Fiza and I naturally spoke only about the film. The fourth was for Mission Kashmir and I naturally again spoke only about the film. The fifth was an interview I gave long back that was recently telecast. This was on Rendezvous with Simi Grewal. Here again, I never mentioned Kashmir. The seventh done with Karan Thapar for BBC is yet to be aired. So, when I never spoke about Nepal, how can there be any misquote?



You mean, you have never said anything about Nepal in any of your interviews…

Yes, that is exactly what I mean. Write this the way, I tell you… 'If anyone can come up with the tapes of whatever I have said I am ready to clarify or apologise as the case may be.'



Who do you feel is spreading these baseless rumours then, and what could be the purpose?

This is the hand of some vested interests. They are not happy that I am doing well. Everything is going well for me and someone wants to ruin my life. I am just married and going off to my honeymoon and all these things have to happen now… How people can stoop so low?