The Eternal Heartthrob and his 12 Commandments!

Published On: 2012-08-24

Author: unknown

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THE ETERNAL HEARTTHROB & his 12 commandments:

Source: Femina Girl (Feb 2005)
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I spend a lot of my school time either sulking or crying...because i was made fun of, picked on, or rather not considered "one of them". You know, its not very easy for kids to look upon another kid who is a little bit abnormal - i had a double thumb. I also had a very bad stutter making it hard for me to mix or gel in. So at a very young age, i learnt to find my own way to the top of the mountain.

My 1st love was my BMX bike. It was my 1st free reign. It ignited something in me. I used to do a lot of stunts. And the best times were when there were a bunch of girls & i was just [big smile] sort of, unassumingly cycling by & happened to do a few stunts & they happened to notice! That's where i used to get my confidence from - that there was something special in me.

I was always very shy as to what people thought of me. And even though deep inside i was shy, i never let it out. I used to keep projecting another image [chuckles], you know.... having the genes of an actor! So, no. I never had a girlfriend in college because i could never actually go out & say it. But i had a lot of crushes.

In love, there can be a happily-ever-after for sure. And touchwood...I'm living it.

In any relationship, i think that extra bit is really important. I still from time to time, get an African daisy back for Suzanne, or a 5-star bar. Because those were the 1st gifts that i ever gave her.

If you ask me honestly, i hate myself. I don't like anything about myself - in every way! And that's what we are trying to do as actors when we spend so much time with ourselves - we are trying to cover up the flaws! We are taking care of our shortcomings.

Every superstar i think does have the consciousness of being a 'superstar'. I don't think you can escape it. You can say it does not matter & all that stuff, but it does become a part of you. It gets embedded in your personality. It determines a lot of things about you as a personality. But that does not mean you become vain & rude. You can still be yourself. So, no. I do not take it seriously. But yes, i am aware of it.

The whole tag of super-stardom makes me very uncomfortable. Because i don't think it is directly proportionate to your talent. It has more to do with destiny & luck.

My competition is everybody & nobody. On one hand, I'd say that if i have to compete, i have to compete with the best - which is Shahrukh, Salman & Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. But on the other hand, i feel like i am a no competition to anybody, that i am the worst actor in the world - that i have been lucky so far, that I've been carried. And i have a fear of being found out.

My greatest asset lies in the fact that i know you can never really know it all. You are never really wiser than the man sitting next to you. I always give people the benefit of the doubt & i know that you always have to be a student & keep learning.

I personally prefer Hrithik onscreen rather than off-screen. Because...ummmm.... i can't answer why. Just Hrithik onscreen.

I would like to be remembered as an inspiration for people as a life story. One that motivates them to do things that seem impossible. That imbibes in them the spirit of never say die. And one that makes them believe that there is magic in the world.... and that miracles do happen!