What Hrithik will miss most about S'pore...

Published On: 2014-12-19

Author: Sheela Narayanan

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What Hrithik will miss most about S'pore... 

Source: Newspaper Asia
By: Sheela Narayanan 
Date: Nov 17, 2005 

WHAT will Hrithik Roshan miss about Singapore now that the two-month location shoot for his sci-fi flick Krrish has wrapped up? When the 29-year-old star met the press recently at the film's Collyer Quay set, we suspected it was not the food. While Hrithik did say he loved the local delicacies - even though all he could remember eating was seafood - he waxed lyrical about his personal trainer. 'I think what I will miss will be my personal trainer Mike from California Fitness. 'He is so good, I wanted to take him back to India with me,' said the star. 

Sources told The New Paper that Hrithik worked out religiously at California Fitness for at least three to four hours every day starting at 8am. The gym rat confessed to having 14 egg whites for breakfast as part of his strict fitness regimen. When The New Paper asked him if he ever let go and gorged, he said with a grin: 'All the time, don't let me fool you.' Krrish, directed by Hrithik's father Rakesh Roshan, has based 60 per cent of the film in Singapore. 

Krrish is the sequel to the very successful Koi Mil Gaya (I've Found Someone). Over 30 local locations were used - from Suntec City to the Singapore Zoo. The film was part of the Singapore Tourism Board's $10 million Film In Singapore! scheme. While STB has always declined to reveal how much it is subsidising this shoot, it mentioned at the scheme's launch last year that films that come under its umbrella can get 50 per cent of their incurred expenses subsidised. The Indian media has reported that Krrish's budget is around 450m rupees ($16.7m). The Roshans, who are producing the film under their company banner FilmKraft, have been very secretive about the Singapore leg of the shoot. 

No Photos allowed 

Media coverage was kept to a minimum and any chance of taking a photo of the film set was nixed. A local location manager with the film told The New Paper that fans were allowed to sit in on the filming but a strict no-photo policy was enforced. The location manager, who did not want to be named, said: 'Mr Rakesh Roshan was okay with having fans watching the shoot. 'But if a photo was taken, that person was off the set immediately, no questions asked.' 

Why the CIA-like secrecy? 

Rakesh wanted to keep the special effects, costumes and makeup in the film under wraps until the film is released next year, according to the location manager. Krrish is possibly FilmKraft's most ambitious film to date with action sequences choreographed by Hong Kong stunt director Tony Chin Siu Tung and Hollywood sort of special effects. Rakesh acknowledged it was one of the hardest films he has made. 
While FilmKraft had filmed in New Zealand for close to two months for Hrithik's debut hit Kaho Naa Pyar Hai (Say This Is Love) in 2000, Rakesh said that was a breeze compared to the Singapore shoot. 'Song and dance sequences are very easy to shoot. Shooting an action film is very hard. 'We've had to close down part of the traffic on Robinson Road and the ECP. That is a big thing in a city like this. We could not have done it without the STB's help,' said Rakesh. 

The crew is now back in Mumbai finishing up the rest of the film, which, Rakesh told The New Paper, will take until the end of the year or early next year. He promises Singapore fans that Krrish will be one hell of a movie. Rakesh said with confidence: 'Trust me, the way I've shot it, you are not going to believe that some of the scenes are in Singapore. 'It looks really fantastic.'