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Source TOI
Date: Feb 22, 2006

Your latest film Krrish, starring Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra is being dubbed in Telugu and Tamil alonside the regular Hindi? Why? 

The script of this film has a broader audience base. Also, I think this movie has got a wider range and by dubbing it in Telugu and Tamil also, it will cater to a wider audience as a result of that. 

Is this the first time a Hindi film is being dubbed in other languages, apart from Hindi, before its release? 

Yes, it is definitely the first time that a Hindi film is being dubbed in other languages, but in Krrish's case, it is not only being dubbed, but also released simultaneously in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. 

... But won't that dilute the essence of the film's meaning if its dubbed in Tamil and Telugu too? 

No, not at all. It is after all the same country and most of the cultural aspects by and large are the same, barring a few things. So, I don't see a problem in dubbing the film in these languages. 

Do you have any plans of dubbing the film in English too? 

No, because I think it doesn't go well if a Hindi film is dubbed in English. I think it loses it's flavour. So, I will subtitle it for Western audiences.