'My character will speak Telugu in the film'

Published On: 2015-02-15

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'My character will speak Telugu in the film’


Source: Hyderabad Times 
Date: May 4, 2006

Commercials, sequels, fatherhood, Hrithik is having a great 2006!

THIS year will perhaps be the most memorable for Hrithik Roshan. The Roshans’ dream project, sequel to Koi Mil Gaya, is ready in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil, the much awaited Dhoom II is also slated for release, and of course, his first child, Hrehaan, also came this year. 

“The going has been good so far, and I am totally focused on Krrish, which has the potential to be a pathbreaking film,” he says. “I am glad you will see my character speak and sing in Telugu and Tamil.” The film is packed with thrills and special effects for which stunt director Tony Ching was specially flown in “He trains so well on wires and strings, you don’t need a double,” the actor says. He survived a 50-foot fall when he was trying to jump off a building. “That was an accident and apart from telling my son his papa fell from a building, when he grows up, it wasn’t much to rave home about,” he smiles. 

In a mood for confessions, Hrithik says, “I really feel like I am living the legend of Superman,” he says. For the special effects that are going into this film, comparisons with Mission Impossible III have already begun. There are also speculations that Hrithik will start getting Hollywood offers soon. “I don’t look at cinema as being language or culture specific. I am part of a more holistic and universal concept called cinema and will do my bit whenever required,” he says. 

Astrologers, fans and family alike have been saying over and over that Hrehan is the lucky factor in his life. But Hrithik brushes it all away. “My only mantra is the harder you work, the luckier you get. I don’t believe in anything else.” And he has been working quite hard. He has been shooting all over Brazil for Dhoom II and we might soon see him in a period film too. “In fact, I use up all my waking hours for work and when it’s not work, it’s moments with people I love or my books.” He can never tire of books, and reads three or four at a time. “I am also reading something on spirituality these days, can you believe that,” he smiles.