Rakesh Roshan : 'I am never in a hurry to make a film'

Published On: 2015-02-17

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‘I am never in a hurry to make a film’ says Rakesh Roshan


Source: TOI
Date: May 4, 2006

Sequels are more popular in Hollywood than here. Are you creating a new trend? 

Sequels are definitely a Western concept. We see that not only with films but with books as well. I can’t remember reading a sequel written by an Indian author. But trends are changing now, and we will be seeing more sequels to Indian films. There’s Krrish, Dhoom II and Hera Pheri II, which are all sequels. The magic of a sequel lies in standing on its own for those who haven’t seen the prequel, and for those who have, it’s about doing it all over again with double the excitement. 

Why did you decide to have your film dubbed in Telugu and Tamil? 

We want to reach out to a wider audience throughout India. The South is a huge market. When Hindi films are being so well received among Telugu and Tamil audiences, films dubbed in regional languages are bound to be hits. 

You have made films that have been huge hits, but why are all your films quite sparsely spaced? 

I am never in a hurry to make a film. I spend at least a year on every script that I work on. I am sometimes accused of being a perfectionist, and too fussy about details, but I guess in the long run it pays off. I can’t hope to present a film to my audience that I am not convinced about. I started working on the sequel to Koi Mil Gaya right after it released. In this one Hrithik and Priety Zinta have a son, who inherits the powers that Jaadu – a character from the film – had bestowed on the older Hrithik. 

Do you plan to make a film in a regional language? 

Well, there are no plans to do anything in that direction as of now. However, I am not closed to the idea.