Thank God, I'm not dancing : Hrithik

Published On: 2016-07-23

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Thank God, I'm not dancing : Hrithik



Source: HT 

Date: February 1, 2008 



Killer looks, perfect physique and extra ordinary dancing skills, Hrithik Roshan has it all. But in his soon to release Jodhaa Akbar, the actor for the first time will not be shaking his legs on the big screen. Here’s the actor on playing Akbar, his pleasant break from dancing and Hollywood projects. 



In Akbar’s shoes 


I am a very shy person. Akbar was a commander. That gave me immense driving force. I read a lot about Akbar. I wanted the character to be my interpretation derived from what’s available. I wanted it to come within me. So I put myself in his shoes, his surrounding keeping in mind his lineage and upbringing. 



Period love story 


The film certainly explores the love-relationship of a couple, who got married some hundreds of years ago. But the basics of a successful relationship are no different than now. Akbar is somebody who is very identifiable. At least that’s the way I’ve portrayed him. We have shot the film when Akbar is breaking out of his shell and how this love-story stimulates that. Jalal-Jodha are very real and identifiable,. 



Pleasant break 


Thank god, I'm not dancing at all in this film. I am an actor, not a dancer. If I was a dancer, I would be saying something else right now. In this film, Akbar’s life doesn’t motivate such situation. 



Ticket to Hollywood 


Yeah, I have signed a contract with an actor management company. What’s the big deal? I’m trying to explore what is out there, something that could possibly excite me to do an English language film. And I am equally looking for a good Hindi film. The language doesn’t matter.