Anurag Basu : I'm thankful to be allowed to direct Hrithik

Published On: 2017-01-17

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Anurag Basu : I'm thankful to be allowed to direct Hrithik



Source: Star Box Office 

Date: March 23, 2009 



One of Bollywood’s most successful directors, Anurag Basu has, in the past five years, made award-winning films such as Gangster and Life in a Metro. Those two successes brought along a great opportunity – to work with Hrithik Roshan. But even with all this fame, Basu remains an unassuming character. In fact, you may even see him going around Andheri on his Scooty, if you’re lucky. With Kites almost finished, it’s time again for Anurag to prove himself. He spoke with us about the film... 



What has it been like working with Rakesh Roshan, Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori? 


First of all, I am very thankful to Rakesh Roshan for wanting me to direct Hrithik on this particular story. Hrithik is just a fabulous actor. He never gets tired and works till he gives his best. He gives a few shots and comes back to see if they are good. If he thinks they aren’t, he gives the shot again. As for Barbara Mori, before signing her I knew that she was a good actress. She just blended with our cast and crew because she is so down-to-earth. This film has given me some of the best memories of my life. 



Tell us about your memories while shooting? 


Every day was memorable, especially when we shot in New Mexico. The climate was fantastic and I enjoyed myself. Towards the end of our shooting, there was a scene where Hrithik had to jump through a glass window. The stuntman was absent on that day so I asked Hrithik to do it himself as it wasn’t too dangerous. He agreed and during the shoot, we were away from him. Then, all I saw was all the blood on his hands when the shot was over. His hands were bleeding badly because a lot of glass cut him and we had to stop shooting. I was so scared because I was the one who asked him to do the stunt. But Hrithik did not even blame me. 



When you’ll just started shooting for Kites there was news that you and Rakesh Roshan had problems with each other. Is this true? 


See, when there are so many people working together these things happen. Even though there were arguments, they were all healthy. For instance, Rakesh sir did not like a shot or scene but I found it to be good so we had an argument and only went on with the shot when we were both happy. I have to listen to him as he is producing the movie and he has to listen to me because he was the one who asked me to direct the film. Arguments happen with the crew members as well. But I’ve always worked with the same crew and have never changed them because we understand each other. 



When will Kites release? 


Hopefully, the film will release by the end of this year.