Exclusive: Barbara Mori's interview with OK Mag

Published On: 2017-01-24

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Exclusive: Barbara Mori’s interview with OK Magazine



Source: OK! Magazine (April 2009) 

Scanned by: Julio 

Translated by: Paola 



She was in India for two months to shoot the film “Kites”; there she started the healing of her break up with Chema Torre, their relationship ended five months ago. For the first time she will be talking about it. Bárbara Mori can’t deny it she feels happy, fulfilled, and above all, in peace. And is noticeable, despite she is going through decisive moment, personal and professional, because while she is awaiting for the world premiere of “Kites”, the movie that she made in India, she is healing the wound that caused the break up with her boyfriend for two years, the actor José María Torre, who is her partner at “Celeste Films”. The actress tell us that they are still friends, they keep working together and they are about to start shooting the movie “Caída libre”. But being alone has been a challenge for her, because she has never been without a relationship. With a cup of Cappuccino in her hand, a big grin and a voice full of enthusiasm, the actress tells OK! That her recovery and that reconciliation with herself wasn’t so hard because being in India to shoot “Kites” was a therapy to her, Kites is an Indian super production filmed in United States at the oriental biggest film industry, Bollywood, this movie will release in October in several countries and that will give her a big international launch. In this sincere conversation the Uruguayan and Mexican citizen will talk to us about this movie – which role was given because of her performance at “La Mujer de mi Hermano” -, of her solitude moments, of her role as a producer and about her living in India. Also in exclusivity she shares with us some images from the movie which set her at other level. 



What is “Kites” about? 


It’s like Romeo and Juliet, with tons of action. Mi character is Natasha, a Mexican who lives at “Las Vegas” and falls in love with her sister in law boyfriend. It’s a tragedy, but also a wonderful love story. 



Where was it filmed? 


At New México, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and at the beginning of 2009 i was two months in Mumbai shooting on sets. In sum it was five months of shooting. 



When will it be in México? 


I know that the release will be first in India, in October, and then we’ll make a little promotion tour in United States, London and México. 



What does it mean to work in Bollywood? 


It was an amazing experience, going to India, and live with people with different culture and being in poor places. It’s hard the contrast, you can see lots of money at some places and just by the side are people sleeping on streets. For the first time I w as directed and worked totally in English. I was cared about by all the cast and the production team, also all the gazes are fixed in Bollywood because of “Slumdog Millionaire” 



We got to know you didn’t like Indian food… 


That topic was hard because all their dishes are spiced with curry, ginger and a lot of things i didn’t like. Even the hamburgers have curry! Even with this and other aspects the treatment was amazing: I’m too much attached with my family and I was allowed to take them with me. Rakesh Roshan, the producer and the dad of the leading actor, made us feel as part of his family all the time. He made dinners at his home, we had parties. I’ve never been treated this way and I’m fascinated. When I said good bye to the director (Anurag Basu), he told me that he wanted me to make another film with him; maybe it can be an opportunity to make something else in Bollywood. 



How we’ll see you in this movie? 


It’s my first time doing action in a movie and they made me do a lot of things: I even used harness because there’s a sequence when we runaway in a balloon, in other we are in a bike and jump to a truck; there are also underwater scenes. I learned about another kind of cinema. 



How was your life in India?


While I was filming, it was really intense. I had a driver all time, and there were days that I told him: “just go and take a break” I just used my bike and explored Mumbai; once I went to a place called Goa. I love photography so I took a lot of pics, mostly of poor people who smiled to me and that somehow transmitted me a spiritual feeling… So instead of depressing, I saw them so quiet and with so much inner peace that they transmitted it to me. 



Could you take there your son Sergito (diminutive for Sergio)?


No, because, first he was going bad in school, and second to go there you need two days and another two days to go back. That trip wasn’t comfortable and the dad (Sergio Meyer) didn’t like the idea of Sergio going to see me. That was horrible, because i wanted to be aware of my son. We talked all days, chatted, but it was hard, most of all because i knew he wasn’t ok without me. Now he is happy that i came back, he is doing well with his studies and behaving. 



With “Kites” comes your internationalization? 


It might be, I hope so. I would love the movie to go well and that people can get to know me there. I really don’t know what’s next to me, I’m not the kind of people that keeps thinking that kind of stuff. I go with the flow, I work, I do what I like, and if that has good consequences in my career, it would be incredible, if not, I’ll keep fighting for what i want. 



Being in India helped you to overcome the break up with Chema? 


The truth is that it was in the perfect moment, because when my relationship ended I went there. Before going to India i was at an spiritual retirement in order to know me better, so i could say: Ok this is the end of a cycle what comes next?



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