The Kite Runner: Interview with Rakesh Roshan

Published On: 2017-03-18

Author: Vajir Singh

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The Kite Runner



Source: Box Office India 

By: Vajir Singh 

Date: February 13, 2010 



He may not be media-savvy and thus often doesn’t get due credit as being among the top directors in the industry. But if you go by his filmography and business at the box office, you can’t help but admit he’s the man with the Midas touch. That’s Rakesh Roshan, who is all set with his next production, the much-awaited Kites, being directed by Anurag Basu and featuring son Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori. The theatrical trailers were launched on Friday, along with My Name Is Khan, and according to the trade, the response is awesome! To know more, here’s Rakesh Roshan in a talkathon with Vajir Singh. 



To start with, why is the film titled Kites? What does it mean? 


You may not understand now but it’s been explained in a subtle way through the narrative. We will also explain it through the promos. When you look at two kites in the sky, they look amazing… the way they come together and try and cross paths… their fights in the sky. Though kites fly freely, they don’t know that the strings aren’t in their hands. This is what we’ve tried to convey through our film. 



Though Karan Johar and Ekta Kapoor have moved on from their ‘K’ fixation, you are still sticking with it? 


(Laughs) Well, it’s only limited to the title of my film. 



Okay, tell us what’s the response to the theatrical promos of Kites? 


I’ve been flooded with calls since morning. I’m getting calls from Punjab, Delhi and the entire North. I’ve been told that the audience is really enjoying the trailers and applauding at several scenes. I’m glad and a little relieved. 



How come you haven’t got any calls from the overseas market? 


I’m waiting for that. It will happen soon as India is in a different time zone. 



The theatrical trailer was leaked on youtube.com. Were you disheartened? 


To be frank, it was a blessing in disguise. Initially, we were skeptical but soon we were flooded with calls because those who saw the trailer, loved it. I received phone calls from across the globe and the verdict was unanimous. They are all looking forward to Kites -- everyone feels there has been no romantic film for a while and Kites is releasing soon. 



Rumour has it Reliance BIG Pictures tried to send the trailer via e-mail and it thus got leaked? 


Not true. It was not leaked from Reliance but from Canada, where our film went for censoring. One enthusiastic movie fan uploaded it. 



Why is there so little of Kangna Ranaut in the trailer? 


Let me clarify here. Kangna Ranaut has a special appearance in the film. And capturing and showing her more in the trailer would have sent out a wrong signal to the audience. It is not a love triangle. 



You are always known for attempting something new in each of your productions. What are you offering in Kites? 


You will have to wait and watch. Right now, all I can say is the style of filmmaking is different. It’s a love story but it’s different. It’s a love story between an Indian boy and a foreigner shot very differently. No one ever thought of making a romantic film of this scale and so beautifully. 



Don’t you think the use of Mexican and English will keep B and C class audiences away? 


I would never attempt anything that would keep my viewers away. First, Kites is not an English film, it is 60 per cent Hindi and 40 per cent Spanish and English. But everyone will still understand what the characters are saying, irrespective of the language. We’ve taken care of that. 



Why two different versions – one for the overseas market and another for India? 


It is very clear that we are trying to open more and more territories for the Indian cinema. We will have two versions – about two hours (for India) and an hour and half (for US, UK and other foreign territories). 



Reportedly, Raju Hirani was requested to edit the film. Comment. 


You should ask Hirani if we ever asked him to edit our film or address this question to the media, which has been speculating. 



Why is it that Kites took so long to reach theatres? 


I don’t agree. Every film takes two and half years to make and Kites is no different. 



What was the idea behind showing the film at Cannes? Did your plan succeed? 


Of course we succeeded in our promotional and business plan by showing it at Cannes. We exchanged notes with buyers and many studios. Later, when I went to LA, I met more people and they all saw the film again. 



Does this mean the English version will be released with more prints compared to the Indian version? 


Why do you ask this? It is an Indian film so definitely, more prints will be released in India. But I can assure you that the total number of prints will be much more than that of any other Hindi film released so far. We also intend to release 200-300 more prints in the US. 



Would you like to share some of your marketing gimmicks? 


If I reveal them, it would spoil the fun! You’ll see. 



So we will see one dhamaka from Filmkraft every 15 days? 





Whatever has happened to the next part of Krrish? 


I am still working on it. As of now, it’s only Kites, Kites and Kites. 



Going back to Kites, much has been said and written about the interference Anurag Basu faced from Hrithik Roshan and yourself. Can you tell us just whose film Kites is? 


Kites is my film. I am the producer, Anurag is the director. He is the captain and he has done a fantastic job. When I decided to sign him to direct this prestigious project, no one had the confidence in him except me. Today, I feel proud to announce that he has taken the film to another level.