'Anurag has superseded my expectations' : RR

Published On: 2017-05-16

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'Anurag has superseded my expectations': Rakesh Roshan



Source: Express Buzz 

Date: 28 Apr 2010 



How did the story idea for Kites take shape? 


After Krrish released I was working on Krrish 2. That’s when the idea for Kites came to me. Around the same time at an award function along with Munnabhai, Krrish and Rang De Basanti a film called Gangster was nominated. I asked for its DVD. The movie blew my mind. I called Anurag and asked him if he had any story idea in mind. He said no, he made small films and had not thought of anything big to make with Hrithik. I told him my idea of Kites. He asked for a month’s time to revert. When he got back the storyline was much more interesting. He had started the film backwards. Mine was in a linear format. We started working on the screenplay. When it was almost 90 per cent ready Hrithik heard it. "When are we going to start the film," he asked! 



How did you decide on casting Barbara Mori? 


We wanted to be authentic so decided to take a Spanish girl. We screen tested many Spanish girls in Bombay. I also got in touch with agencies in Los Angeles. All of a sudden I got a call from a friend who asked me to watch a Spanish film called My Brother’s Wife. I saw that film and when Hrithik saw it he said this girl she is the right choice. That girl was Barbara Mori. I emailed her a one line story of the film which she liked immensely and agreed to meet us. She flew from Mexico to Los Angeles, Anurag and I flew from Bombay to meet her February 2008. 



Initially, there were lots of rumors about the other foreign actresses? 


I never contacted them because I thought they were too big, I did hear from their agents saying that they would like to meet us. But then I found Barbara and thought she suited the role the best. She is beautiful and is a good actress. 



How was the experience of being with whole lot of Hollywood cast and crew? 


All film people speak only one language — films. When I took Tony Chin for Krrish he couldn’t speak a word of English. 



On the first day of narration he brought an interpreter along but in between he asked him to stop. Later, the storyboards he made were exactly as I told him. The film fraternity is same all over the world. Only the working hours are different, in India we work for 14-16 hours, there they work for 8 hrs and after that it’s over time. 


Anurag’s film have always been high on content and low on budget, so did Pic: Nagesh Polali that lead to any apprehensions in your mind? No, in fact Anurag had apprehensions! 



Has Anurag successfully portrayed what you had envisioned? 


Anurag has superseded my expectations. I am glad I chose Anurag to direct this film. I have made 14- 15 films out of which I’ve directed over 10 films. I really have nothing to prove. I have to make nice films for Hrithik, whether I make it or Anurag makes it, doesn’t really matter. 



Were there lots of creative inputs from your end? 


We all work like a team. Hrithik too adds his contribution. I never interfere. But I do share my experience. 



Why has the release of Kites been delayed again and again? 


We have never given a date of release in the first place. Now everything is ready but we have the IPL and then the World Cup. I wanted my film to have a free run. So we figured 21st would be a good day.