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Hrithik Roshan: I think my body is giving in

By:Subash K Jha
Source: Indiatimes
Date: 13th September 2005

...or so it seemed to Hrithik Roshan while shooting Krissh

What does your forthcoming release Krissh look like?
Cool! I went through two-and-a-half months of recovery after I injured myself in the action scenes in Bangkok. Now I'm off for a 60-day outdoor. Krissh has been the most gruelling experience of my career. I don't know if it's because of the heightened action scenes or if I'm just getting older! I think my body is giving in.

How has Krissh progressed?
It will be over soon. We've shot about 65 per cent of the film. We'll release the film in June 2006. Krissh will be my first release after Lakshya. Right now, I don't know how it has shaped up. With regards to my father's films, he always has a surprise element that he springs during the shooting. Then the film turns into something completely different from what it was meant to be. At times what he does isn't clear to me either. While we were filming Koi Mil Gaya I thought it was going down the drain. I tend to lose all judgement with my dad's films. With other films, I know exactly how things will proceed from Day 1. It's strange.

A two-year layoff is long by any standards...
It has been quite a long gap. It's not a matter of choice. I didn't want to be away for two years. I'm just being choosy about the films I want to do. It doesn't mean I am a great actor or that I am insecure. In any case, why am I being called insecure? If I do any Tom, Dick or Harry's film does it mean I am secure? Some people have alleged that I do only big-banner projects and my father's films because I'm insecure. I'm ten bloody films old. Relax!

You are an avidly observed actor...
The whole myth of stardom is changing. The image of the Hindi film hero is changing fast. Abhishek, Saif and Akshay Kumar have, in many ways, redefined the position of a superstar. Even the smaller films are doing well now. This kind of a flux hasn't happened in our cinema for a long time. It's great.

You've signed Ashutosh Gowariker's Jodha-Akbar?
Yup, it's my second film with Ash after Dhoom 2. I am really looking forward to my first period film - I am a bit afraid of unknown territory. I had read Ashutosh's script for Swades; I couldn't see it from the director's perspective, and therefore didn't think I was equipped to perform the part. I wasn't the best person to translate Ashutosh's vision. And this was right after Lagaan! Ashutosh approaching me made me feel on top of the world.

Unfortunately or fortunately, my conscience didn't allow me to be dishonest with such an honest film. But Shah Rukh was superb. Swades is one of my favourite films. And Ashutosh is definitely one of my favourite filmmakers, more so after Swades than Lagaan. This director's vision is unimaginable. It's such a challenge to satisfy Ashutosh. I hope I can live up to his expectations.

Are you looking forward to getting into a period costume?
We haven't got around to discussing my physical appearance. I suspect Ashutosh will see the theme in a different light. I don't think this role of Akbar will be like anything you've seen before. You know, it always helps to have a director who knows more than you do. The minute you feel you know more about the script than the director does, the project is done for.

When do you start Dhoom 2?
I will be doing a three-day shoot for Dhoom 2 in November. That's all that I am doing right now. I will go ahead and complete the rest of Dhoom 2 after Krissh. Beyond that, I'm about to finalise one project with Zoya Akhtar. It will be my first with a female director.