Hrithik is truly a 'Greek god' : Barbara

Published On: 2017-05-31

Author: Jyothi Prabhakar

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Hrithik is truly a 'Greek god' : Barbara



Source: TNN 

Date: May 1, 2010 

By: Jyothi Prabhakar 



She has a very heavy Mexican accent, and needs a translator to translate rapid spoken English. But when she does speak, it is quite interesting, and as she struggles to form the words in her mind, she lets her voice convey all the emotions that her limited language lets her reveal. “I am so excited about Kites,” she says, “It is my first English film, my first Bollywood film and my first action film. It is also my first big budget movie.” It’s also a first with Hrithik ... and talking of firsts, what was her first impression of Hrithik? As in, when she met Rakesh Roshan and he said ‘ok, you’re gonna star opposite this guy ... ’ “Now, I know that we look very good together. It has been an amazing experience in my career. He is a great actor, the best co-star, and a great human being. It has been enjoyable and fun. But if you ask me about first impressions ... the first time I saw him was in Jodhaa Akbar. And I didn’t like him. The first thought that came to my mind was, ‘Oh my God, he is such a tough guy, is he going to act like this in Kites? All tough and male?’ and I didn’t like him at all. And then, I did a bit of research. I saw Lakshya – I liked it, and then I saw Koi Mil Gaya and I loooved it. And I realised he was a versatile actor. And finally, after some months, I met him in person, in Mumbai, and I was like, ‘he is such a handsome guy!’ I have heard that he’s called a Greek God and that is really true, I thought. He was with Sussanne and she was pregnant, and before you ask, she was very nice to me ... Pinki, Sunaina, the whole family was very nice to me.”