"Any woman can fall in love with Hrithik" : Barbara

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"Any woman can fall in love with Hrithik Roshan" - Barbara Mori



Source: Bollywood Hungama 

Date: May 10, 2010 


By: Devansh Patel 


I am waiting for Barbara Mori in the lounge of the newly built serviced apartment somewhere in Juhu Versova area. It's velvety and dark. And I suddenly see the publicists of Kites running up and down to try and fix a big problem - None of the air conditions in the apartment were working due to some technical problems. There is something about Mori that makes me forget my manners. "Could you let Barbara know I'm ready to fan her?" I was serious. I mean, how often do you get a chance like this? Half an hour of waiting and fixing the problem, I was escorted into her private suite. When I enter, my eyes try to search for her but find her manager instead. Within thirty seconds, the mystic beauty arrives. When Barbara enters the room, she takes it. It crackles with her arrival. She is alone, no entourage, no assistant, and no publicist. Walking slightly oddly, taking tiny steps with her legs a little too close together; she sinks to the velvet beside me. "You look beautiful" I comment. "Thank you so much" is her cliché yet different reply. She asks her manager for a half cup of coffee. Draped in a white summer dress, Mori was comfort personified. There's sweetness to her embarrassment of walking into a room not knowing fluent English. But that is Barbara, she has no qualms. She's been doing rounds of interviews since morning with the Indian Press. And though we haven't yet, not yet, seen Barbara Mori in full swing in Kites, we do come to know from the promos that it is the gentleness she brought to it, the round-faced, sweetheart-lipped smile, and above all the conviction that she brings to an Indian film. UK's Harrow Observer columnist and Bollywood Hungama's London correspondent meets the lustrous lady who makes you forget your marriage and mannerisms. 


Is it difficult to talk to Indian journalists? 


Not at all. I've been so confident and comfortable talking with all of them. You won't be any different; I'm sure (laughs). Yes, many of them have been writing things about my affair with Hrithik Roshan which isn't true news. That was bad. 


Will an Indian film help you in your career as an actress? 


Of course, absolutely. First of all, Kites is an amazing love story. Bollywood is the biggest film industry in the world. So, of course and obviously it will help my career reach new heights. Kites for me is world cinema. There was a time when nobody knew me in India. Today, I've got twitter fans from India writing to me. 



Were you sure you wanted to do Kites the first time you were offered the film? 


No. I was not sure whether I'd be a part of Kites. Nobody pushed me to do Kites. When I met Rakesh and Anurag for the first time, we spent three to four hours talking about Kites. Here was Anurag telling me the story and I was asking him, "Do I have to dance in the film?" Anurag was like, "Yes, a little bit". I wasn't sure whether I'll be able to dance in a Bollywood film. So there lied my doubt. But after hearing Kites fully, I fell in love with this beautiful love story. I almost landed up crying after Anurag Basu completed the first narration. 



Can anybody fall in love with Hrithik Roshan from Mexico? 


Of course yes. He is a beautiful human being. He is sweet, a great actor and an even bigger heart. Any woman can fall in love with Hrithik Roshan. 



How many Indian films have you seen so far? 


I haven't seen any Bollywood film except Hrithik Roshan's films. But yes, I have seen Anurag's Life in a Metro. 



You remind me a lot of Penelope Cruz. Is English necessary to reach Hollywood? Because if it was, Penelope wouldn't have existed in L.A. 


Thank you for the compliment. I liked it. Maybe English is necessary to understand more than just talking. Yes, it is important to know what the other person is saying. Penelope has learnt to talk in English today but she isn't that fluent. I'm going in the same direction. I'm learning. Accent doesn't matter. Penelope has done a lot of good work and her success has not come because she knows the English language. 



Any Hollywood plans now? 


I'd love to work in Hollywood. I don't like Quentin Tarantino. But I'd like to work with Sean Penn and Woody Allen. I love Meryl Streep and she is the best ever actress in the world. I'd love to work with Meryl too. 



What about Shah Rukh Khan? 


I haven't seen Shah Rukh's acting. But yes, I'd love to work with him some day. I met Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri too at his house in Mannat. Suzanne told me that I had to meet them both because they are the best celebrity couple I'd ever meet. 



And if you were to choose between the two - Hrithik Roshan or Shah Rukh Khan? 


I know Hrithik more than Shah Rukh. As people, both are really great. Both look smart and handsome. 



Do you think Hrithik Roshan can cross over to Hollywood? 


He has all that a great actor has to cross over to Hollywood. He has everything to go beyond. In fact, Kites will fly high in Hollywood. 



Do Mexican people watch a lot of Bollywood films? And will Kites be watched in your home town?


Mexican people do not watch Bollywood films. I am promoting my film in Mexico too. On May 21, Kites is not releasing in Mexico. Kites is my biggest movie ever and I'd loved to have a red carpet premiere in Mexico. Rakesh, Hrithik, Anurag and my best friend Suzanne will have to come down to Mexico if my dream comes true. 



Your toughest scene in the film Kites… 


My toughest scene from Kites will have to be the underwater sequence. I don't like sea. I don't like being in the water for a long time. We had to shoot underwater and so I took lessons on how to breathe and all. I did all the training. When I went down, I suddenly heard 'action'. I was informed that when the word 'action' is shouted, I had to start breathing. But I forgot to breathe, took off my oxygen mask and I swam really fast to come up from the underwater. I got very scared. 



Do you and Kangna share screen space? 


Yes, we have shared screen space but we did not interact too much. 



Tell us something about Anurag Basu which nobody knows. 


Anurag is a child. He is a mess, isn't he? But he has something in him that nobody has - He guided me so well throughout the film. He is a sweetheart. I'd love to work with Anurag Basu again. He is always smiling and laughing and made me laugh too throughout the making. I hope I can do more Bollywood movies.





"I'm not a perfect person" - Barbara Mori



By: Susan Jose 


Beautiful Barbara Mori on an unhurried chat with Bollycurry In a plain white off shoulder dress and absolutely no make-up, the striking Barbara Mori sits across to talk with us. She looks splendid in her simple attire and her pretty smile immediately put everyone at ease. 'Hello, everyone,' she warmly enquired. With that greeting, she went to talk extensively about her life, her career, her country, our country, love, motherhood, and of course, her debut Bollywood film Kites. She proudly showed her David's star tattoo on her right wrist, identical to the one that Hrithik and Suzanne have, explaining that it's her souvenir of the actor, and his family's love to her. 'My tattoos are a reminder of my life's special things to me. Oh, I have bad memory you know,' she smiles. Excerpts from our conversation… 



How was your experience in Kites? 


It has been the best and the most different experience in my career. There is so much difference between Kites and other projects I've done in Mexico. This is my first English movie. This is my first Hindi movie. This is my first action movie. This is my first big budget movie…a first for so many things. It was an enjoying, exciting experience. 



Why did you sign up for Kites? 


Because it's a beautiful love story… 



What's your definition of love? 


I think, the most important thing in life is love. 



Tell us about you experience of falling in love. 


The first time I fell in love was when I was fourteen. It ended because he wasn't a gentleman. The second time I fell in love was with my son's father. It also ended because he turned out to be bad too… 



But are you still in touch with your husband? 


No,no, we were never married. But yes, I'm still in touch with him, because I have a son, you see. 



How old is your son? 


He is 12 and his name is Sergio. 



What does Sergio mean? 


It means nothing (laughs). Just Sergio. (Later, we came to know, Sergio was named after his father, actor Sergio Mayer) 



What difference do you find between Indian and Mexican men? 


You see, men are men here, there all over. But if you ask me difference between the two countries as a whole, then there are a lot of cultural differences, in way of thinking. There in Mexico, you can be a single mom, but here it raises a lot of eyebrows. There are similarities in food. Both the countries have spicy food. 



How do you find India? 


I find it fascinating. I've just been to Goa so far. I want to visit the Taj Mahal and the surrounding places but I'm pressed for time. 



What kind of a person are you? 


I'm a very emotional person. I get attached to people instantly. One meeting with the Roshan family and I feel in love with them instantly. 



Did the Roshans teach you Hindi? 


Yes, all through the shoot, I kept learning a few words…and the Roshan family chipped in too. 



So do you now know what 'ullu ki patthi' means? 


Yeah! I knew it even before the shoot because Hrithik had explained it to me. Now I also know how you really say I love you in Hindi. Its- main tumse pyaar karti hoon (smiles). 



Which was the toughest scene you had to do in Kites?


The underwater sequences…especially 'cause we had to make them seem like they're very easy and smile all through. 



Any funny , weird on-set incident you would like to share? 


Yes, there was a scene where I had to cry. So this girl came up to my vanity van and gave me a bottle of…what's that liquid… 





Yes, glycerine. I said no. I don't want to put it. She said but you have to cry. I said I know but I don't want to put it. It went on with her trying to explain to me with sign language. In the end I walked out without putting the glycerin. Later I gave the shot and I cried. When Rakesh came to know I cried without glycerine he went –how you did it, Barbara? And his expression was really wild as if he'd witnessed something incredibly rare (laughs). 



How do you react to reports of your link-ups with Hrithik


I laugh at them. It's the same in Mexico. I'm linked up with my co-stars. In the beginning, I used to cry saying it's not that way, why do they say that. It's been 12-13 years of my career now, so I'm used to it. 



Do you think these kinds of rumors help to promote the film? Yeah, maybe. Tell us more about yourself. 


I was born in Uruguay and grew up in Mexico. I have an Asian root too as my paternal grandfather is Japanese. I have worked in 10 soap operas and 6 movies. I started working when I was fourteen as a waitress. I started modeling when I was seventeen. Later soap operas happened and films followed. 



Did you always want to be an actress? 


No, I always wanted to be a teacher. 



Did you know about Bollywood, before Kites? 


Yes, I knew that Bollywood is a big film industry. But not, many details. Because back in Mexico we don't watch too many Hindi movies. 



Have you seen Hindi films now? 


Yes, I've watched Hrithik's films. Lakshya, Koi Mil Gaya, Jodha Akbar…many. 



Did you know that Hrithik is such a big actor here? 


I didn't know it before. But when I came here, I realized he is like a god here. I'm thankful that I got to work with him. I could've worked with any other Indian actor. But it was Hrithik. It's such a big deal, no?



What keeps you going in life? 


My family. For me it's the most important thing. No matter what big things happen with me in my life, in my career I always want to go back to the comfort of my family. My family reminds me where I eventually came from. I try to be honest in life. I also educate my son to be that way. 



Tell us about your relationship with your son. 


I'm not a perfect person and not a perfect mom. But I can surely say that the relationship I have with my son is one that every mother would like to have with her son or daughter (smiles). When he asks me a question I explain to him he shouldn't do such things because they can have so and so consequence. If I say- Don't do it, because I say so. He will never understand. Our relationship is full of honesty and friendship. He never hides anything from and I try to make it easy for him to keep sharing things with me. 



Do you wish to be married in the future? 


No I don't wish to be married… 



Do you wish to do more Bollywood films? 


Yes, I've had a great experience here. I told Anurag too, when he asked if I'd like to work with him again. I said I'd love to work with you again, in Bollywood (smiles).