Films have to be honest on what they promise : Hrithik

Published On: 2017-06-20

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Films have to be honest on what they promise : Hrithik



Source: AOL India 

By: Noyon Jyoti Parasara 

Date: May 17, 2010 



You have always believed in taking good time off before coming up with your next film. How do you maintain your stardom despite taking such long breaks from the audience? 


Every creative person has to follow his own ways and I think a truly creative person cannot calculate and manipulate his creativity. If I start thinking from my mind my creativity will stop. So I don’t believe in things like the number game or money and fame or what my star status is. I am on a mission to find out what my true potentials are and I am doing that at my own pace. Tomorrow I would be able to do ten films a year and that will not be a conscious decision, it will just be a natural progression of me being able to control that much in a shorter and faster pace. 



How do you look at the kind of films you want to do? 


Every film has got its own destiny. ‘Krrish’ gave the confidence to the people that more super hero films can be made. Before that it was a non existent genre because people would laugh at something like this…an Indian hero with a mask and flying around. But dad and I have always challenged and tried to raise the bar and that’s not a conscious effort from an exterior section. It’s an effort to give vision to what our instincts are - my instincts and Anurag Basu’s instincts and my father’s instincts somewhere converged as a film called ‘Kites’. We wanted to make an honest film and make a change; remind the people what films are supposed to be about. Films are supposed to be about honesty. If you are promising something and delivering something else then those are not the kind of films that can be presented on a world platform. For example ‘Dhoom’ is an honest film as they are promising you fun, action, songs in such a way that you will eat your popcorn have your drink enjoy yourself and go home. It delivered all of it. And when you are making a film like ‘Kites’ which is a slice of life, intense and honest, you don’t put all that stuff that you put in ‘Dhoom’. These are the kinds of films that can actually represent us at the world platform. We always complain why don’t our films reach the Oscars or are appreciated on world platforms. The difference is that we are conditioned in our mindsets to repeat past successes. We put in song and dance just as a way of garnering initials even if it does not fit into the scheme of things. 



You are known to be a perfectionist. Did you have creative differences with Anurag Basu on ‘Kites’?


If we don’t have creative differences and we don’t have suggestions then it’s not a team. That would mean one man is thinking and others are all puppets following. We are not puppets, so of course we had arguments, we had discussions, but it’s always about what is best for the film. My dad and I have always had a very good system in place where we don’t work with egos. It’s not about my thoughts or his thoughts. 



You seem to be embarking on a career of a singer now! You are debuting as a singer in ‘Kites’ and have also sang in ‘Guzaarish’. 


I only react to the script and whatever the destiny of the script is. I don’t consider it as my debut as a singer. There was a moment in the film where I had to be honest. It had to be my voice because the character had to sing to the girl. It had to be real life. And yes, I have sung some songs again in ‘Guzaarish’ too. 



You got back to acting after a serious injury. Doctors ruled you out, if we are right. What did you do? Miracle? 


I just went back to my beliefs which I had since childhood. I believe that there is more to the world, then what just meets your eyes. I believe that miracles are nothing but manifestations of your search and your perseverance and eventually on one day everything converges and you say that yeah it’s a miracle.