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Author: Prema K.

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'I Am Nervous & Anxious!'


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By Prema K.
Date: August 01, 2003 


HRITHIK ROSHAN is everything that he has never been before. Koi Mil Gaya is a special film for him. In a strange way, he identifies with Rohit of Koi Mil Gaya. Not surprising, as this is a character he found deep within himself. He has relived his childhood throughout the film. If that sounds fun, then hear this. He has given so much of himself to the film that for the first time ever he wants something in return. He has high expectations from the film. He wants it to work, so that he's motivated and encouraged to keep giving off his best in every film. "I will be heartbroken if Koi Mil Gaya doesn't work. I don't think I'll have the faith and strength to give so much of myself to any other film." Hrithik needn't despair, because industry folks who have seen the film already predict it to be a mega hit! Let's keep our fingers crossed for Hrithik!

People are eagerly awaiting Koi Mil Gaya! 

Yeah. Even I'm very eager. So, that's good! (Smiles).

Aren't you worried about their high expectations?

Yes, I am. In the past, for all my films, including Kaho Na... Pyaar Hain, I'd always gauge the outcome after watching the first copy. I'd detach myself from the film. I never formed any sort of expectations from those films. This is the first time that I'm unable to do so. Yes, I have expectations from Koi Mil Gaya! This time I want something from my film. I want it to do well. I want people to appreciate our efforts and our attempt to take Indian cinema to the next level. Yes, for the first time I'll be heartbroken if all this doesn't happen. 


People can't stop raving about your performance watching just the promos!

People have already formed their expectations from the character. I'm happy they like what they are seeing in the promos. But, it's too early to predict whether I'm good in the film. 


How did you manage to look the character?

This might give rise to a lot of wisecracks, but it all came very naturally to me. No film or person inspired me. I just looked very deep within me. I looked for that child in me, and found him there (laughs). I just took some time off and spent it with myself. So, I didn't really have to act. Throughout the film, I just relived my childhood. 


Your father, Rakesh Roshan, said you got excited about the subject, when you heard it?

I jumped! This was the fifth odd idea he had. I told him that we had to make this film. I just knew that this would be the right thing to do after Kaho Na.... 


What's so special about the subject?

I've never been so honest on screen before. There are some characters you identify with so much. In a strange way, I identified with Rohit of Koi Mil Gaya more than anyone else I've played before. It was very instinctive. 


You have even danced differently in the film!

That was very challenging. I knew I couldn't dance the way I normally do. So, there was a lot of thinking that I did and many discussions to decide how I would portray this guy in the songs. I gave him a lot of rhythm, but madness in his body language. He moves to the beat, but no one knew how, not even me (laughs). That worked like magic. It was like I was dancing just for the fun of it. The moment I started doing it, I felt it was right. And, it has worked. It feels good to be right (laughs).


Apart from the fact that Koi Mil Gaya is your home production, how important is it to you?

It's the most important thing I've done in life. I've given it so much of myself that I need it to work to motivate and encourage me to keep working in this manner. If it doesn't work, I don't think I'll have the faith and strength to give so much of myself to any other film. I don't have the right words to explain to you how much of myself I have given to this character. 


Are you nervous?

I'm nervous, anxious, and all those things that you expect someone to be before a release! For the first time in my life, despite trying not to, I have high expectations from this film. I've never been like this before any of my releases. This time, I'm everything that I never was then. 

Let's talk about Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon. How did you react to people accusing you of overacting?

As an actor, my job is to satisfy the director. And, that's what I did, even if it meant crossing a few boundaries in my head. That's my commitment to him. My priorities came second. I respect Mr. Barjatya immensely, he's a genius. More than the criticism about me, what angers me is the brickbats thrown at him. He's, by far, the most honest, hardworking, and talented man. We should respect where he's coming from. His sensibility caters to most of our population. I had apprehensions about being loud even while shooting for the film. But, he convinced me, and to date, I'm convinced about Prem. That sensibility might not appeal to a large section of the audience or to a part of me, but MPKDH is doing excellent business in places like Bihar. What more can I say? (laughs).


Is there any feeling of being let down by Sooraj Barjatya?

It's wrong to blame him for the criticism against me. I have to accept my part of the responsibility, and with all humility I accept people's criticism against me that the film's sensibility hasn't appealed to them. I completely understand their way of thinking, but how else do you portray a loud character without being loud? Every time I did something subtle, Mr. Barjatya would tell me I had to be loud. If I told him that I felt it was a bit too loud, he would remind me that that's what the character was, and we have to stick to it. Seeing a smile on his face after a shot and getting a pat on the back from him means much more to me than all the criticism for my performance in the film. I'm happy that he's happy. 


Your real life chemistry with Abhishek wasn't exploited in the film. Do you agree?

Maybe there will be films in the future when that will happen. This film was not about that, I guess. It was about the two Prems in Sanjana's life. That was Mr. Bharjatya's conception. I cannot say anything about that. 


Aren't the two of you doing films together?

I'd love to do films with Abhishek. We had a great time working on MPKDH. He's a very nice human being, very helpful, great fun, and dissolves any tension on the sets. I love working with him. He inspires me to be slightly easy with my work and relax a bit. That makes me give off 
my best (smiles).


Coming to Lakshya, the entire crew was said to have problems during the shoot!

Ladakh is a place where you have to be very careful, especially in the first week. Most people did not heed the warnings and ventured out to the market. They exerted themselves and fell sick. Since they could not recuperate there they had to be sent back. I managed well. It was amazing how Farhan Akhtar managed things beautifully despite the hard work. I was amazed at the way he handled things so well. 


Is it true that he broke his leg?

He was so involved with work that he did not rest and eat enough. He had to be hospitalised for a day so that he would be forced to rest (laughs).


Are you doing any other film besides Lakshya?

No. I'm planning to take a break after I completing shooting. I haven't even had two days off in five years. I deserve a break. Actually, Suzanne deserves it (laughs). 


Are you planning a holiday?

A break might not even mean going abroad. Just having no work stress and doing something constructive. I need some fresh inputs. For five years, there has only been output and I feel drained out. I need to recoup, experience something else besides facing the camera. Maybe read book, spend time with my family, my grandparents (smiles).