Hrithik to become father: Roshans overjoyed!

Published On: 2012-09-01

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Hrithik to become father: Roshans overjoyed!

Source: Indiatimes

Actor Hrithik Roshan is thrilled. And he’s soon going to be singing Koi Mil Gaya once again – this time in the real sense. The actor is overjoyed to hear that he will soon become a proud father! And he simply cannot hide his joy!

Yes, wife Suzzane is in the family way. The li’l bundle of joy is due to arrive sometime in April 2006, and Hrithik just can’t wait.

Gramps-to-be, Rakesh Roshan, presently in Singapore, can’t stop beaming ever since he’s heard the news. When we jokingly asked him if he was ‘nursery shopping’, he laughed, “No, it’s too early to think on those lines as yet. But now that you mention it, I may just think on those line.”

And now wouldn’t he want to speed up the shooting and release of his ‘Krrish’ since later Hrithik and family would want to spend more quality time with the tiny tot. After all, hectic shooting schedules couldn’t interfere with quality time to be spent together? “Definitely, an actor has to take a lot of extra time out on that front,” he agrees. “But I myself have been an actor and a father at the same time, so I don’t think there should be any problems for Hrithik since we’ve faced the same situation before.”

Reminiscing about his own experiences as a father, Rakesh Roshan recalls, “Hrithik and Sunaina used to accompany my wife and me during their vacations. We used to make sure of that. And it’s not a big deal to make time for kids because you do get used to it slowly. It’s true that we had to go out of our way to ensure we spent quality time with the kids, but Hrithik himself is quite a homely person and is often at home, so he won’t have any such problems.”

Had he found it difficult to balance a hectic career and a family? “I too am a very homely person. I used be make sure I was at home with the family after shooting,” he says.
Being a grandfather for the second time – daughter Sunaina already has an eight-year-old child – is surely a proud feeling for this star pa-to-turn-grampa. And he has some great advice for soon-to-be-father Hrithik. “I would advise Hrithik to bring up his child just like he is himself. He is a perfect child!” Now that’s some great advice and compliment all rolled into one!

In the meantime, Hrithik is popping champagne for the greatest gift of all. It’s pure jadoo for this actor as he’s set to become daddy for the first time. Congrats Hrithik. Congrats Suzzane.