Love Talk with Hrithik Roshan

Published On: 2012-09-04

Author: unknown

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Love Talk with Hrithik Roshan

Source: Filmfare: October 2005
Article scanned by: Sarah
Typed by: Vani
Date: September 27, 2005

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Love is : A fire that can warm you heart or burn you down.

I lust for: Victory

Sex can be: Perfect! Trust me ;)

In the bedroom: Or the kitchen or the bathroom or the loungeā€¦the place doesn't matter.

My favorite endearments: Babes, Jaan.

When a man loves a woman: He finally lives!

A women's sex appeal: Is greatest when she's unaware of it.

I get turned on by: Stimulating Witty Conversation.

My heart skipped a beat: When I won two Filmfare awards on the same night. I hope history keeps repeating itself!

Holding hands: Could be the most incredibly intimate thing.

A romantic evening: Would have to be spontaneous.

My definition of erotic: It's all in the mind.