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Published On: 2018-08-03

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When I quoted my price for Krrish3, the distributors fell off their chairs!



Source: The Film Street Journal 

By: Bharathi S Pradhan

Date: August 31, 2011 



Exclusive Canny Biz Truths From RAKESH ROSHAN On His Costliest Film Ever


He has been watching his son with amazement, for Hrithik has almost become Dr Roshan.Dogged with anxiety-causing health issues – count among them an early, embarrassing stammer that almost sapped his confidence, a back that practically packed up and an injured knee that threatened to stop his dancing career mid-step – Hrithik has gone so deeply into the study of each ailment that he has ultimately understood it well enough to cure all his problems practically on his own. “He has come up with his own theories for all medical problems and doesn’t take the help of any doctors. He has devised his own exercises for everything. Going deep into whatever he does is his nature,” remarks his bystander-dad. “Hrithik has managed to cure his knee problem also. Sometimes it does reoccur. What happens is that everything has a limit, if you overdo it, the problem reoccurs. But Hrithik again sets it right.” Typically, ‘overdoing’ it only means that Hrithik works punishing hours on whatever he takes up – be it film, TV show or stage performance. “His rehearsals, his dancing, he takes everything so seriously.” Hmm, so why is dad astonished? Father and son have more in common than just a surname and a career in the same industry. Rakesh Roshan is no less a detail-finicky organiser, whether he’s making a film or taking his part as patriarch of the family very seriously. He feels as responsible on home turf as he does as head of Filmkraft, his filmmaking banner. As Rakesh once disclosed, he feels responsible for everything, even for what the kitchen department is doing at home. And now he has slipped into an additional role as grandfather to Hrehaan and Hridaan, making time for them at the breakfast table and marvelling at their talents. 


From music director Roshan and his musically-inclined wife Ira to sons Rakesh (filmmaker par excellence) and Rajesh Roshan (enduring music composer) to grandson Hrithik (actor, dancer extraordinaire), creativity in the 4th generation can be traced to the strong family genes. But little Hrehaan also gets it from his mom, as Rakesh Roshan credits Susanne with a natural talent for drawing and sketching. He is as wonderstruck as anybody would be when Hrehaan, aged five, shows an easy flair for sketching and drawing. “What drawings he does! It’s unbelievable that at five, you can frame every drawing of his,” he exclaims. Of course, the current Roshan parivar head has channelized his own creativity into the films he makes, with Krrish 3 creating a buzz for its high-end commercial value. And for all those who are calling it Krrish 2, there has been and there will be no film with such a title. Rakesh Roshan’s new film starring Hrithik will be Krrish 3. Is it titled Krrish 3 because Hrithik will play three roles in it? “No, no, no,” he goes three times. “It’s a trilogy. Koi…Mil Gaya was the first, Krrish was the second, so the third in the trilogy will be Krrish 3. I know I will have to explain this to a lot of people because they will wonder what happened to Krrish 2. “In Krrish 3, Hrithik will play Rohit (the father) and Krishna (the son) who has the split personalities of Krishna and Krrish. It is not a triple role, it’s a double role. Krishna is the normal guy who goes to work like any regular young man and he becomes Krrish to save people… yes, like Superman. It’s a very difficult proposition since Krrish 3 has a lot of father and son scenes.” It will be gruelling but one can almost see Hrithik go at it with relish. For the actor who held you spellbound in an award-worthy performance in Guzaarish without even a single body movement, Krrish 3 should be a cakewalk, right up his street. “He won none of the awards for Guzaarish,” dad wryly reminds you. Actually neither an elusive award nor a no-reward like Kites at the box-office can make a dent to the commercial value of this coveted father-son combo. 


Rakesh Roshan mulls, “I thought Kites may go down well in today’s world where everything is in English, all the news is in English, the tutors speak in English, text messages are in English. But on the very first day itself I knew that Kites hadn’t worked. We tried something new but it didn’t work.” In a splendid career of big, successful films, a line-up that has seen Khudgarz, Khoon Bhari Maang, Kishan Kanhaiya, King Uncle (which didn’t do well), Karan Arjun, Koyla (an overflow film), Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Koi…Mil Gaya and Krrish, does one failed experiment like Kites really matter? “Maybe one failure was required,” accepts Rakesh Roshan. “God must’ve said, give him one shock so he doesn’t fly too high.” 


Kites was last year. The tide has turned once again with Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara turning out to be the third biggest hit of the year so far, after Ready and Singham. And to think dad had been so convinced by the adverse remarks of those who’d seen it earlier that he almost didn’t see ZNMD even after its release! “Two days before the release of the film, I got so many messages from people asking, ‘What has Hrithik done? It’s a documentary film on Spain. You tell us that Hrithik hears stories and subjects but he has the third role in the film, the first role is Farhan’s, Abhay has the second one and Hrithik comes third.’ “I got so upset, I asked Hrithik, ‘What have you done? Look at all these messages that are coming in.’ He kept quiet, I also said, well, what can one do about it now? On Friday, a day that I normally go to the theatre to catch a new release with my friends, I told myself, I won’t see this film at all. “I hadn’t seen it earlier because I don’t go for trial shows. I can’t keep quiet and I can’t tell a lie, so I avoid trial shows. It is better to see a film on Friday. Your mind can change when you are seeing the film at a preview with a filmi audience and it’s different when you are watching it in the theatre with the general audience. 


“On the day Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara was released, when all my friends were going to see it, I said, I am busy and I cannot come. But at about 3.15 pm when I called up Terry at PVR and asked him, ‘How is the movie doing?’ he said, ‘My God, sir, what a film, it’s doing fabulously well. It’s about 80 per cent now and the 4.30 show is 100 per cent!’ I couldn’t believe my ears and I quickly said, keep a seat for me. Thank God I did that because I enjoyed ZNMD thoroughly. I think Hrithik did absolutely the right thing by taking that role. “He is not Krrish in ZNMD, he’s just a regular guy. To act in a film like this is very difficult because you know you are a superstar and you want to do super hero stuff, but you have to be very normal in such a role. I also liked Farhan, Abhay, I liked everybody equally in the film.” 


In Krrish 3, Hrithik Roshan will be back to familiar challenging territory as a super hero. There have been reports that Rakesh Roshan has booked Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad for a start-to-finish shoot, transforming the whole studio into Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC) of Mumbai. “When I quote my price for Krrish 3 to the distributors, they fall off their chairs!” he reports with a smile. “I then explain that you are seeing today’s business. I am making a film for 2013. Imagine what the prices will be at that time. Then they calculate that there will be 300-400 more screens by that time and they are fine. “The same thing had happened when I was making Koi…Mil Gaya. Those days, a particular territory would go for about `30 to 35 lakh, so when I asked for ‘70 lakh, the distributor started firing me. I assured him that he was my regular distributor, I would keep making movies, so if he lost money, I would be there for him. Because of my assurance, he took Koi…Mil Gaya for `70 lakh. Soon, prices zoomed up so much, to ’80 and 95 lakh, that when Koi…Mil Gaya came after one-and-a-half years, he actually told me, ‘Yeh meri sabse sasti picture hai’. 


“So, similarly, when I make a deal today, I have to naturally think of the future. That’s why I am planning a big film. Krrish 3 is too difficult a film to make. I am entering a territory which I am not very familiar with and which is not in my hands. Like all the special effects shots are not in my control. It is those technical guys who are going to guide me and the special effects have to be of the level that I have visualised. “But I went through the same process when I started Koi…Mil Gaya. It happened again when I went into Krrish. Now Krrish 3 gives me restless, sleepless nights but in a way it is good because it keeps me alert. I am not relaxed. I am constantly trying to rectify, read up, watch new things, look up references. I am learning every day. To make a simple film like Kaamchor would be so easy for me today. But then I won’t be proving anything new with it. Besides, where’s the challenge?” See? We did tell you that Guddu and Duggu have much in common. Whether you are a 30-something Hrithik or his 60-year-old dad, the Roshan men don’t take the complacent, easy route. The adrenaline rush is vital. 


Fast Facts on Krrish 3 

* “The film will start in Mumbai this December,” Rakesh Roshan clarifies. “In January, February and March I am going to shoot in Hyderabad. April, May and June will once again be in Mumbai. After small cuts in July and August, we will go to Switzerland in October 2012 for 8 to 10 days.” 

* Release date locked by Rakesh Roshan: November 1, 2013, on Diwali day. “It will definitely come on Diwali. Usually I release my films either in January or June. This time I have planned a Diwali release. Even if the movie is ready, I will wait until Diwali to release Krrish 3.” 

* Krrish 3 will be a Hindi, Indian film, no doubts about that. No Spanish, French or English. “But I’m going to have my film dubbed in Tamil and Telugu for sure.” 

* What will be international will be the action with Tony Ching once again teaming with the Roshans. “Tony was offered a lot of films from India but he didn’t work with anybody else. When I went to him again, he said, I am going to do only your film.” 

* This time Hrithik does not have to undergo rigorous training. “He got trained during Krrish, so there is no need for anymore of it this time.” 

* But Hrithik’s opponent in the film, Vivek Oberoi will be trained here in India for the action scenes. No, he doesn’t have to learn to pilot an aircraft (contrary to reports) since a lot of it will be done digitally. 

* Hrithik, Priyanka, Jacqueline and Vivek have been cast in Krrish 3. For the first time, the Roshans have another hero in their film because, “We needed a strong opponent and Vivek is a fantastic actor.” 

* And, contrary to reports that BKC was being re-created at Ramoji, “I’m making streets in Ramoji Film City because you can’t shoot on Mumbai streets. The outdoor portions are all on streets, so I am making big, huge sets over there at Ramoji.” 

* Krrish 3 has a 90 per cent chance of being converted into 3D. “We will shoot in 2D and take a call in 2013, depending on how 3D works two years from now.” 

* Krrish 3 has already broken all records in its selling price: reportedly, an astronomical '37 crore for just the satellite rights with Rakesh Roshan selling each territory to different distributors (not selling the film outright to one corporate house) and making a pile in the bargain. “I went for only Kites to a corporate house. Otherwise I have always given my films to my regular distributors. When they heard that I was making Krrish 3, they called me and said, we are with you and I was okay with that.” 

* Reputed to be as sharp a businessman as he is creatively gifted, Roshan has not sold all the major territories. He’s still got a couple of big sales to make and he is spoilt for choice as the takers are many. This, despite Krrish 3 asking for a price which no distributor has ever paid for a Hindi film so far. But Rakesh Roshan has priced his film keeping in mind that Krrish 3 will be a 2013 release when rates will be vastly different from prevailing figures.