Rishi Kapoor on his role in Agneepath

Published On: 2018-08-20

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"I am very proud to have played such a terrible villain in Agneepath" - Rishi



Source: Bollywood Hungama 

Date: Nov 16, 2011 

By: Subhash K. Jha 



In Karan Johar's Agneepath, Rishi plays the most despicably repulsive and negative character of his career. And Rishi hated the man he played. Says the actor, "I play a butcher who indulges in the trafficking of minor girls. My character was not there in the original Agneepath. They've only retained Mr. Bachchan's, Danny Denzongpa, the mother and sister's characters from the original. Also, the new Agneepath is set in the same period-1970s-as the old, so no cellphones, computers, gizmos, etc. Otherwise the entire screenplay has been refurbished. My character Rauf Lala is a new one in Agneepath. He is meat-seller on many levels. He's a butcher and runs a flesh trade for young girls." 


Rishi was initially repulsed by this character. It was wife Neetu who convinced him to go for it. "What the hell! I am an actor. It was a challenge to play such a repugnant character. I convinced myself into doing the film. My wife also encouraged me to do the role. Now I am very proud to have played such a terrible villain. My character takes Hrithik under his wings. I am the more dramatic villain. Sanjay Dutt is the more action-oriented villain." 


About his presence in Hema Malini's Tell Me O Kkhuda, Rishi says, "I did it entirely for Hemaji's sake. She told me she has Amitabh Bachchan, Vinod Khanna and me in mind for the three roles, so it would be like Amar Akbar Anthony revisited. Eventually there was no Mr. Bachchan, he was busy with KBC. There was no way I could wriggle out. I owed it to Hemaji. When my elder sister got married in 1969 she had danced for the occasion. And then Dharamji had done my father a big favour by working in Mera Naam Joker. In our family, we don't forget favours. My father had worked for Dara Singh in ill health because Dara Singh had done Mera Naam Joker.