Hrithik's interview on Radio City (Mumbai)

Published On: 2018-10-04

Author: unknown

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Excerpts from Hrithik's interview on Radio City



Courtesy: Kinnari 


So guys, the interview which was taken by the radio city RJs was aired today morning. Archana was very excited to sit with duggs himself on the same sofa at his house. First they talked about his health of course, as they told him that this issue got the max twitter Qs. The RJs were surprised & exclaimed that he looked so slim & fit and 20 yrs younger. Duggs told them that before 10 weeks he had become fat due to the bed rest he had to take for his bad back and people around him & well wishers showed their love & concern for him by bringing brownies, cakes, cup cakes etc and he had binged on them. He said that his waist had gone to 36 inches. As he had Krrish shooting to be started, one fine day he just asked for the Krrish cape to try on and found out that he just could not zip it !!! He immediately thought that he in this state definitely could not be Krrish !!! So he started working out rigorously & ate healthy & finally in 6 weeks he had lost 7 inches !!! Archana asked him that would he not eat even a bit of the cake & chocs that they had bought for him, he replied " accha, mein apko apnaunga lekin cake ko thukraunga" to which Archana became ecstatic! He then showed them his pics (said that as they were on radio it would be okay to show) of 6 weeks before and some of yesterday (which i believe were shirtless, as both RJs were exclaiming & whistling ...at that he was so modest that he said that those were not he had intended them to see but the pics he wanted them to see was 6 weeks before ka pics, they just could not believe how stout he was then). 



Then they asked him about AG and it was the usual we know about how he was approached by Karan & he was feeling bad that after 3 hrs of hard work of narration he would have to say no !! He loved the original AG, said it was a classic & he had no intention to touch the sanctity of Mr.Bachchan who was like the God in that movie. But then right when the first scene was narrated by Karan the deal was sealed by him right there. But he had that fear that people will come to see the movie with pre-conceived notions & comparisons with Mr Bachchan. More, it is a hero driven movie & he has to carry the entire movie on his shoulders. 


On asking to say something on a word they tell him...


Chikni Chameli : he said that Katrina was unbelievable, he said that he knew she was a good dancer but could not believe what he saw before his eyes. 

On don2 cameo : he said that he has yet to see the movie !!! The rjs though said that he looked really good & the chemistry with PC was awesome to which he just said "thanks". 


Archana wanted to see the kids but they were running short of time. They said that they were welcomed so warmly by him, asked for coffee etc...Archana was happy that he said "I love you" to her & hugged her, to which RJ Palak, who comes in a prog after them said that she wanted to hug archana as Duggs had hugged her ! They have got a promise from him to come on their show on his birthday and they even have a surprise for him!! Lastly RJ Salil is supposed meet him again today at J. W. Marriot for B4U.