Hrithik didn't mind Sanjay turning powerful for 'Agneepath'

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Hrithik didn't mind Sanjay turning powerful for 'Agneepath'



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Date: January 23, 2012 

By: Joginder Tuteja 



In any action film, typically either the hero is stronger than a villain or at least they are on the same level. However 'Agneepath' gives an impression that perhaps this time around, Sanjay Dutt may end up overshadowing Hrithik Roshan. Didn't the leading hero in this Karan Johar produced film ever feel that it was a scary situation to be in? "I don't think it was intentional that villain would look big and the hero would be small so there was no question of Hrithik feeling scared", first time director Karan Malhotra comes to the defence of his characters, "Both Sanjay as well as Hrithik are big and powerful in their own way. I have this belief that bigger the villain, more powerful the fight because at the end of it all, he has to succumb to the hero. Unless a hero climbs the mountain, where would be the struggle? 


It was this trust that Hrithik has traditionally showed in his directors that didn't just give Karan a much needed breathing space but also allowed him to share ideas and look at a collaborative approach as the shooting progressed. "Trust me, he is a treat for every director and everyone who has worked with him so far would vouch for that", says Karan, "He isn't someone who would put his foot down if he gets a particular idea and wants to implement it. He loves to discuss, debate and most importantly be shocked. As a director you are on a winning side if you end up shocking him by asking him to do a scene in a way that he would otherwise have never thought of or assumed. He thrives on such challenges. Once he is on, he gives full support to a film without any interference. He doesn't work just for his own character, he works for the whole film." 'Agneepath' releases all over this Thursday, 26th January.






The new Vijay Dinanath Chauhan has no style, swagger: Hrithik



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Actor Hrithik Roshan, who has stepped into Amitabh Bachchan's shoes for the potrayal of the iconic Vijay Dinanath Chauhan, says his character in the remake of the 1990 cult classic, has no chances of comparison in terms of style and personality. "The moment you see my Vijay, the comparison will go away. People will come to see Vijay Dinanath Chauhan, but when they will look at me, they will think he doesn't look like Vijay, he is nothing like Vijay. He is nobody, he doesn't have a style, he doesn't have that swagger...that walk, not even the voice," Hrithik said in an interview. "This Vijay was not Vijay Deenanath Chauhan. He is a simple man. They will have to see the film keeping me in mind," he said. 


Agneepath vs Agneepath: The most dramatic scenes 


Even in the promos of the remake, Hrithik seems subdued when compared to the appeal that Bachchan had brought on screen with his baritone and towering personality. But Hrithik is not scared of comparisons with Bachchan as he has added his own style to the character. "If during the shoot I had comparisons in my mind, then I would be scared. But I have done this role like me there is nobody in the world like me. So your individual way has to stand apart from anything else," he said. The original despite having a stellar cast like Bachchan, Danny Denzongpa and Mithun Chakraborty, failed at the box office. But the performance of Bachchan and Danny got etched in the minds of audience. So is Hrithik in awe of the movie? "I had seen 'Agneepath' twice when it was released. It is printed in my heart and my mind because the film was so powerful. But this time around I did not see it because it was not necessary as the story is very different," Hrithik said. "The refreshing part was that the director himself had written a character that was different from the original. The director (Karan Malhotra) did not want a hero, he wanted me to play a common man, a normal man. A child who grows up to be a man and wants revenge and nothing else," he said. The film, directed by Karan Malhotra, will release on January 26.






Making Hrithik look like Vijay Dinanath Chavan



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Costume designer Mandira Shukla talks about the outfits in Karan Johar's grand Agneepath remake. 


Designing outfits for one of the year's biggest releases, and for some of the industry's biggest stars is no mean feat. And Mandira Shukla will vouch for that. The costume designer made 50 outfits for Priyanka Chopra alone, for her film Agneepath. Hrithik Roshan and Rish Kapoor needed even more clothes, as they have more screen time. "Agneepath is set in two eras – the 1970s and the 1990s. So we had to make two sets of costumes, with their own styles," Mandira says. Mandira has designed for quite a few movies before Agneepath came along, like Veer Zaara, Fanaa and Chak De! India. She started her career way back in 1995, and Mira Nair's period movie Kama Sutra was one of her first projects. Her father is Vinay Shukla, a film director. In fact, Mandira has designed for one of his films, the hard-hitting gangster film, Godmother. Born in Meerut, Mandira did a course in textile printing and weaving before she took up a career in films. 


Mandira was very careful while designing clothes for Agneepath. 


"I had to make Hrithik's costumes according to his frame of mind," Mandira says. "His mind is set on revenge, not on his clothes. So I chose simple and subtle designs." "Hrithik was extremely co-operative," she adds. "He went with the flow. We used to regularly discuss the clothes with him." Priyanka is the glamour quotient of the movie, and so she wears colourful outfits. She plays a girl from the chawls. Rishi Kapoor plays a butcher, so he was made to look like one. For him she chose lungis, net banians and clothes with blood stains. "Rishi is a very senior person. He had some great suggestions. He contributed to our work with his advice," Mandira informs.