Hrithik is the star in 'Krrish 3': Vivek

Published On: 2018-12-27

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Hrithik's no associate director, just a star in 'Krrish 3': Vivek Oberoi



Source: Mid Day 

Date: May 6, 2012 



A while ago, there was strong buzz that Hrithik Roshan had been made the associate director for 'Krrish 3', directed by his father Rakesh Roshan. However, his co-star Vivek Oberoi tells us that there is no truth in this claim. Vivek points out, "He is not the associate director. He is the star of the film. Yes, he is very involved in the film, because it is his film after all. But there is nothing more than that." About his experiences of working with Hrithik on the sets, the actor says, "He is a delight to work with. He not only makes sure of quality performance on the screen, but also how Kangana or me look and perform. There have been days when I have called him regularly on the sets even on his off-days to ask his opinion on a stunt that I am doing, or if my body language is right. He is happy to make time for us and comes to the shoot all the time to supervise."