The mean machines of tinsel town!

Published On: 2012-09-09

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The mean machines of tinsel town!

Source: Masala Magazine

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These Bollywood biggies have a passion besides acting- cars and bikes! Fasten your seat belts while Masala! Takes you for the ride of your life with heated star engines through the streets of showbiz!

Hrithik Roshan

Which car or bike do you own right now and how would you describe it?

I drive an S Type Jaguar, which I find powerful and sleek. I totally identify with it. I feel it goes with me as a person. Though I do love my car, I'm not crazy or obsessed with it. How would I describe it? It's the smoothest drive you could ever have.

Why did you choose your present car/bike?

Well, because it surprised me, in the days when I was newly successful, someone sent over the Jag hoping I'd bite bait and buy it. And I did! Of course I would dream about it at night thinking I couldn't afford it. Then I'd wake up in the morning and tell myself I could. I spent seven days and nights like this before I actually bought it.

What is your eventual dream car/bike?

I think my jag fits my dream car. But if I could dare to dream further then it would be a Bentley. And eventually, a Rolls Royce Phantom.

What is the one feature you look for when choosing a car/bike?

I don't like a bulky steering wheel. I don't mind even if its not power steering, it just has to be smooth.

Most women find their men's cars/bikes competition! Do you agree?

No, not at all. Sussanne wants the Jag as much as I do. Infact we both fight for it.

Are you into racing?

When I bought the Jag, I would race it to its limits on the highways. When in college- please don't tell the police this- I'd take part in car races. We would race from Churchgate to Juhu, and I wouldn't recommend that kind of driving to anyone. Today I'd say don't drive rash but safe- it serves no purpose.

Your best road trip…

It was a drive back from Dehradun to Delhi, after a schedule of Lakshya. Sussanne and I were returning in an old Maruti van. We played word games throughout the long car ride and it turned out to be the drive of my life. We have never laughed so much- we laughed at everything from the sky to the road to the tyres to the wipers.

Your first car/bike was…and how much did you buy it for?

The first car I owned was the Jag, I paid just about enough to afford it. I would drive dad's cars if I had to. Before that I did a lot of traveling by train.

The best car/bike you have driven in a film?

The Lamborghini in Kaho Na…Pyaar Hai. I drove it again in K3G.

A hilarious experience on the road?

It's got to be the same one I mentioned earlier.

The time your car/bike broke down and you were stranded?

Actually that happened with a bike. I was riding a Hero Honda and loving it so much that I just rode and rode. I forgot to check the fuel gauge! Naturally I ran out of fuel and found myself stranded on the Mahim flyover and a mob was approaching me! So there I was making SOS calls to anybody and everybody in the vicinity to come and get me, and was rescued within a short time. Come to think of it, things always seem to happen to me on the Mahim flyover. I got stuck there again during the recent floods. So I abandoned the car and walked home from there.

Who is your favorite formula one driver?

I've never really had the time or the inclination for Formula One racing.