Hrithik spoils you : Rakesh Roshan

Published On: 2019-01-07

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Hrithik spoils you : Rakesh Roshan



Source: DNA India 

Date: Aug 28, 2012 

By: Aakanksha Naval-Shetye 



Filmmaker Rakesh Roshan who completes 25 years as a director in the industry this year, reveals that being able to make Krrish 3 — which is actually India’s first real sequel series — has been the best way to celebrate it. “I feel lucky that as a filmmaker I have been able to pursue my dreams for the big screen no matter how big or small. And I am glad that in my journey I have been accompanied by people who really matter,” says the veteran. 


The director, who is at present shooting for Krrish 3 with beta actor Hrithik Roshan, will also be celebrating his birthday next month. “Hrithik has already given me a birthday gift with Krrish 3. And though I am every bit a proud dad, I am equally proud as a filmmaker to have directed him, because as an actor Hrithik gives it his all. He is one actor who I have seen eat, breathe, live every moment of the character he plays. Not only for my films but also for others like Agneepath. He gives himself completely to the film and the director. As an actor, Hrithik spoils you completely,” laughs the senior Roshan. 


Point out that despite his long innings in the industry, he has stayed off the number game or any campism and Rakesh says that when you are confident of your work, one need not succumb to such pressures. “I think we are a brand on our own and that’s sacrosanct for me. I don’t ever take that for granted because we owe it to our audience. So, they expect a certain cinema from us and we only aim at taking that bar higher. That’s why I prefer to make one film in three years instead of three in one. The film will have it’s own fate at the BO, but there’s no compromise when it comes to the hard work or sincerity in making it from our end,” explains Roshan. 


Talking about the progress of Krrish 3, he adds, “I know there are a lot of expectations. That’s why I am not rushing the film. I will wrap the film by November and then give it a year to work on the effects. The film is on such a grand scale that it deserves that time.”