Indians will be proud to see Krrish 3

Published On: 2019-02-14

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‘Indians will be proud to see Krrish 3’



Source: Deccan Herald 

Date: April 10, 2013 

By: Henna Rakheja 



Rakesh Roshan also plans 4 animated sequels featuring his superhero A man who is known to push the envelope and extend the boundaries of filmmaking, Rakesh Roshan has done it again by announcing four animated sequels based on his mega-budget movie Krrish. 


In a chat with Metrolife, he says: “I have always planned new strategies to promote my films. The animated films are part of my strategy. They will extend the brand value of Krrish and revive memories of my first movie in the series, Koi Mil Gaya. The last film released six years ago and a lot of kids were not even born then. Animation works very well with kids.” His production house Film Kraft Productions has partnered with Turner Broadcasting Systems and Toonz Animation to create the four animated sequels. “The animation will be based on the life of 11-year-old Krrish who is unaware of his powers. It will have stories of how he helps his friends,” he says, explaining that the animated movies will act as a launch pad for Krrish 3, which is slated for release during Diwali, this year. 


Ask him what made him venture into the world of superheroes and he says, “I have always pushed the limits by making different kinds of films. Regular films are easy. I take difficult subjects which give me sleepless nights and require me to work on things! That is why I take up only one film at a time.” His focused approach in direction has made him a brand name in the industry. He likes direction because “a director is the most creative person on the (film) sets. He visualises the script on screen. When the audience accepts my hard work, I feel on top of the world,” he says, quickly adding that “success is not in anybody’s hands.” Though his last production Kites did not make exactly set the box office on fire, he is confident that with Krrish 3 people will get to see a “good” film. “I don’t know about the box office but Indians will be proud to see such a film!” 


His confidence stems from all the rigorous shooting schedules, spanning three years. “By God’s grace, everything went according to schedule. I managed to finish the whole film on the dates that I had planned,” he says, conceding that the ride was not smooth or easy. “The biggest challenge was to reduce the number of visuals because, unlike Hollywood, we don’t have massive budgets! Working on a budget to make a film like this is tough,” he confesses. Having given Krrish 3 his best shot, his thoughts don’t veer towards awards. “I just want the movie to work,” he says, fingers firmly crossed.