The action in Krrish 3 is very Indian

Published On: 2019-03-28

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The action in Krrish 3 is very Indian: Rakesh Roshan



Source: Boxoffice India 

Date: Aug 5,2013 

By Soumita Sengupta 



Finally, the trailer of the most-awaited film of the year, Rakesh Roshan’s Krrish 3, has been released. After working on the script for three long years, Roshan Sr presented the first trailer of his film along with the superhero of the film, son Hrithik. Alas, leading lady, Priyanka Chopra, was unable to attend the event as she is currently in the Los Angeles. However, the occasion marked the presence of the negative leads Vivek Oberoi and Kangna Ranaut, along with music composer Rajesh Roshan. Sunaina Roshan, who is also the producer of the movie attended the do. 



Rakesh Roshan on Krrish 3 


It was my dream to make this film but it would not have been possible without my team. The action in this film takes you to another level. We have tried to keep it Indian. 



Hrithik Roshan on Krrish 3 


The film was made only because of my father. When he told me he wanted to make a sequel to Krrish, I was ready. But he said, we wouldn’t make the film till he was absolutely confident of the script. He took almost three years to work on the script and we finally made the film. 



On Hollywood films 


While we were working on this project, the new Avengers and Superman films released. They were all awesome as they had raised the bar and taken it to another level. We were left wondering at that time as to why they released their films just as we were about to? There were two options ahead of us, either back out or face competition. We thought, why not compete with them and find out what we can do? It might take a while to get there but we will. 



On his father’s work 


My father was very confident of making this film happen here. So, all the special effects and VFX of our film have been done by our very own people in India. He decided to encourage people here. 



On casting Oberoi 


I wanted to play a negative role but my father said just one word ‘NO!’ So we sat down to decide who would play the negative lead. We wanted to make a list of actors but my father wrote just one name and that was Vivek’s. Thank God I am not playing Vivek’s role because, after looking at him on screen, I felt only he could pull it off. 



Vivek Oberoi on his character 


I loved working with the Roshans. They are genuine and large-hearted. I believe if you have a legendary director like Rakesh Roshan, then you can play any character convincingly… he is brilliant… he has created the character. Credit goes to the writers and Rakesh sir. 



Kangana Ranaut on her character 


It is the first time I am playing a negative role. I have an unconventional look. I am sexy but wicked.



Rajesh Roshan on the music of the film 


Composing songs for an action film is very tough. But both father and son have an ear for music so they knew exactly what they wanted. They even came up with melodies and that made my work easy.