Hole in brain, but spirit intact : Hrithik

Published On: 2019-03-29

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Hole in brain, but spirit intact : Hrithik



Source: Times of India 

Date: Aug,06,2013 



Actor Hrithik Roshan has bounced back after his brain surgery and is readying for the release of his superhero film " Krissh 3". "I am fit and fine... I am absolutely fantastic. Even with the hole in my brain... my spirit is intact. I thank all my fans for love and support. It (surgery) has reaffirmed few values. There is nothing better in this world than a man's will," Hrithik told reporters at the trailer launch of 'Krissh 3'. "Today, I am here because of one man's vision and that is my father. He is an example of courage," he said. Hrithik was suffering from Subdural Hematoma caused in the brain as a result of the head injury. He successfully underwent a brain surgery to remove a two-month-old clot at Hinduja Healthcare Surgical in Khar last month.The actor was performing stunts for his film 'Bang Bang' two months ago and suffered an injury on his head.




10 Awesome things Hrithik Roshan said at the Krrish 3 trailer Launch



Source: Miss Malini 

Date: Aug,06,2013 



The cast and crew of Krrish 3 came out to launch the trailer at an event in Mumbai , and the number one thing we took away from that event is that Hrithik Roshan sure is a fighter.It was his first public appearance post his brain surgery, but he looked as great as ever, and was super pumped to share his baby, Krrish 3, with the media gathering. So we took note of ten awesome things he said at the event, and we’re sharing them with you! 


“Even with the hole in my brain, my spirit has remained intact.” He has just undergone brain surgery, but Hrithik Roshan is not down and out at all. On the contrary, he assured everyone present yesterday that he was absolutely fine and there’s no reason to worry. He was also touched to see that the media gathering was concerned about him, but says that he’s doing well and throughout, his spirit has remained intact. Which is easy to see – he has been nothing but positive about the whole situation, even though it’s a scary one! 



“There’s nothing better in this world than an insurmountable problem.” … and there’s nothing better than a person who can overcome it, he also said. Love that attitude! 


“This is the film that’s least about me and more about all of them.” Even though the trailer showcases Hrithik in all his glory, he insists that – despite the work he’s put in – the film is more about the technicians, VFX crew, costume designers, and everyone else involved with the film. In fact, Vivek also mentioned that he had several people who were in charge of only his costume, since it was a combination of different scraps of material. And if any one little thing was missing out, the first person to notice would be Rakesh Roshan! 


“My father insisted that the effects be done in our country by our team to encourage them” Along those same lines, Hrithik mentioned that his father was adamant that the effects be done by technicians in India in order to hone their talent and encourage them. 


“My entire process of acting has been based on Anil Kapoor.” Hrithik said that when he first started working, people used to comment that he reminded them of Anil Kapoor. He claimed it true, saying that whatever he’s learned of acting – his entire model – was thanks to Anil Kapoor, who he used to observe while assisting his father on sets back in the early 90s. 


“I feel royal just being his son.” A journo asked Hrithik if he would be charging royalties from his father for this film, and Hrithik immediately quipped, “I feel royal just being his son.” Cue applause! 


“It takes 3 seconds to decide whether you’re a superhero or not.” Someone else commented that, like Krrish, Hrithik overcame a lot in his younger days as well (he developed a stammering problem, which plagues him even today). Hrithik asked the lady, “Didn’t you? Do we have a choice? Life is going to hit. It takes 3 seconds to decide whether you’re a superhero or not. Once your attitude is intact, you can do anything.” 


“All we want in life is to be loved. It does not matter what label they put on me.” Another journo asked Hrithik whether he is okay with the fact that, like Shaktimaan, he may be known simply as “Krrish” (instead of “Hrithik Roshan”) to a younger generation of children. He said that it does not matter what they call him, once they call him that with love. 


“The best thing you can do for somebody you love is be happy yourself.” Since Rakshabandhan is around the corner, a question was posed to Hrithik’s sister, Sunaina - she was asked what the best thing Hrithik ever did for her is. Sunaina commented that it’s always the smaller things, but seeing him smile always made her happy. To that, Hrithik replied, “The lesson here is that sometimes the best thing you can do for somebody you love is be happy yourself.” Very profound, and very true! 


“I was happy with any script. I said it’s Krrish; it will work.” Hrithik claimed that it took three years for his father to work on the script of Krrish 3, because he kept striving to make it better. Hrithik, on the other hand, said he was happy with any script, thinking that since it’s a part of the Krrish franchise, it would work anyway. But Rakesh Roshan insisted that “it couldn’t rest on the laurels of the previous films” and had to be a good script in itself.