Rakesh Roshan on the release date for Krrish 3

Published On: 2019-04-13

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Is releasing Krrish 3 on Nov 4 a wise decision? Rakesh Roshan explains



Source: Bollywood Hungama 

Date: Sep 11, 2013 

By: Ryan Lobo 



Krrish 3 by now has become one of the most talked about and of course most awaited films of this year. Ever since the trailer of the film was released, the audience has been buzzing with anticipation for the film. However, Rakesh Roshan's decision to release the film on November 4 seems to have ruffled a few feathers with certain distributors. In fact a portion of the industry apparently claims that Rakesh Roshan would be losing out on a massive weekend collection with this decision. 


However, on the other hand, remembering the fact that usually in the run up to Diwali and not forgetting the day of Diwali itself, most of the populace that comprises a majority of Hindus, will be busy with preparations and poojas for the festival. Past records also show that films which released on Diwali day show a rise in the business during the morning shows, however they have almost always shown a massive downturn during the evening and night shows. 



Bollywood Hungama caught up with Rakesh Roshan who readily laid our apprehensions to rest. "First of all, I want to know who are the ones saying that my decision to release on November 4 is wrong? As I see it, none of the distributors that I am working with have any problem", says Rakesh. While at the same time, defending his decision on the release date, he says, "See in my experience, I have noticed that the pre-Diwali release week has always featured a low turnout in terms of numbers and revenues, so why take that risk, especially when I can release my film the following Monday and still have a full week for the film to capitalize on." 


While the trailer of the film has already gathered enough steam, there are many in the industry who seem confident about the film's success. Rakesh Roshan being one of them says, "For me, I know what my film is and with the response the trailer has been getting, the film will obviously get a better response in the cinema halls. So I am not worried about losing out on those three days when I have a week to explore my film."