Alisha Chinai on the music of Krrish 3

Published On: 2019-04-14

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Alisha Chinai on the music of Krrish 3



Source: RadioandMusic.com 
Date: September 16, 2013 



Excerpts from the interview



How was your experience singing for Krrish 3? 


Fantastic! Rajesh Roshan is one of the finest music composers when it comes to melody. He has been my favourite composer right from the days of the film Julie. The minute he asked me if I would sing for Krrish 3, I agreed immediately. Initially, I felt the song was very high for my range but he assured me that it will suit my voice and that I should go ahead and sing it. While I was recording the song, even Hrithik was present. Roshans were very sure of things they wanted from me including the feel and expression. They told me that I own this song. The recording when well and now I am eagerly waiting to hear it on screen as Kangana is going to perform on it. 



What kind of track have you sung for Krissh 3? 


I am singing for Kangana, who will be playing a negative character and attempts to seduce Hrithik. Later she realizes that she has developed emotions for him. 



There were rumors that you sung for Priyanka too?


I didn’t sing for Priyanka. There was an optional track that I was asked to sing which was optional. But later the song was edited owing to the length of the film. There is a song for Priyanka which was sung by Shreya.