Kid Krrish better than Krrish says Hrithik

Published On: 2019-04-15

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Making Krrish 3 Wasn’t A Cake Walk, Implies Hrithik Roshan



Source: Koi moi 

Date: September 18, 2013 



Though the initial response for Krrish 3 has come out overwhelmingly well, the film’s team had to undergo desperate hardships to bring the superhero fantasies alive on screen. At the launch event of animation series ‘Kid Krrish’, actor Hrithik Roshan who essays the titular role of India’s own superhero revealed that there was a time when the film’s makers were planning to shelf the film altogether. The film’s director Rakesh Roshan had decided to do away with the film keeping in mind Hrithik’s failing health. The actor was suffering from a double slip disk shortly before the film’s shoot began. 


The actor said, “The hard work for Krrish actually went into resurrecting my back because when Krrish was about to start, I had a double slip disc. So it was all about recovering from that to be able to do the film. Doctors had advised me against doing the film and my papa was also told that this would be very dangerous for him to do. Papa wanted to shelve the film.” However, our Indian superhero remained persistent at recovering. He added, “But I was determined to do the film. I asked for three months. I was sure I would get strong again and would be able to complete the film. So physical training for the film was about recuperating from my bad back.” 


Hrithik has been facing many health issues. At first it was his back problem and then the actor also sustained injuries on the sets of Katrina Kaif starrer Bang Bang following which he underwent a surgery to remove the clot from his brain. The actor has been advised to refrain from work because of which Bang Bang has been delayed substantially!






Kid Krrish' better than 'Krrish', says Hrithik



Source: IANS 

By: Ketali Mehta 

Date: September 17, 2013 



Actor Hrithik Roshan, who Tuesday unveiled "Kid Krrish", the animated movie based on Bollywood movie "Krrish", says the animated version is better than the latter. "The only difference between the two is 'Kid Krrish' is better than Krrish," Hrithik told reporters at the unveiling. "Kid Krrish" will be premiered on Cartoon Network Oct 2 at 12 noon. "'Kid Krrish' can jump and do everything without any help. The similarities, I feel, is we have the child alive inside us," added the actor, saying his two sons - Hrehaan and Hridhaan - have already seen "Kid Krrish". "Both my kids have seen the first movie of 'Kid Krrish' and they have fallen in love with it. So it's already successful." 


Filmmaker Rakesh Roshan`s Filmkraft Productions partnered with Turner International India and Kerala-headquartered Toonz Animation to create four animated movies based on hit superhero movie "Krrish". The partnership was announced earlier this year and planned to bring India's favourite superhero "Krrish" in an animated avtar. 


Rakesh Roshan said that for the first time a Bollywood character has got an animated version. "The character of Krrish has been idolized by every child in India and has become an iconic superhero. We believe that 'Kid Krrish' will be the new superhero for a whole new generation of children and a benchmark in animated series of live action films," he said. 


Currently the Roshans are gearing up for the release of "Krrish 3". Slated to come out Nov 4, this is the third film in the franchise that began with "Koi Mil Gaya" in 2003.





Hrithik Roshan's Cartoon Lessons For Kids


Source: Entertainment One 

By: Nabanita 

Date: September 17, 2013 



Hrithik Roshan is every child's favourite hero. The actor successfully stole the hearts of several Indian kids, after he acted in the superhero flick Krissh. And now again, Hrithik will be seen reprising his old desi superhero's role in the sequel Krissh 3. Hrithik Roshan, who himself is the father of two children, says that he wants kids to differentiate good and bad through Krissh cartoons. Talking to the media persons at Krissh 3 launch event, Hrithik said that cartoons have been a big influence on him. As per the actor, these cartoons help to keep the child alive in every adult. 


Hrithik Roshan further said that his favourite cartoon is Popeye. "My favourite cartoon is Popeye and it made me realise that spinach is very good for health". The actor further said that a superhero is the one, who uses his powers with right values. Krissh 3 will continue the story of Rohit Mehra and his superhero son Krrish, after Koi... Mil Gaya and Krrish, this being the third film of the Krrish film series. Directed by Rakesh Roshan, the film will also see Priyanka Chopra, Kangna Ranaut and Vivek Oberoi in the leads.